E3 2012: EA Confirms Dead Space 3

EA has confirmed to IGN that Dead Space 3 will be shown during E3 next week. While several leaks have seemingly revealed the existence of the game over the past year, E3 will mark the official unveiling as well as the debut of the first footage.

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DeadSpaced2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

This seems appropriate.

3dawg2335d ago

i'm excited about this title but at the same time worried. i usually play single player games. hope the multiplayer/coop if integrated would be optional other wise i'll pass

user54670072335d ago

Optional or not they would still be developing the game around the added co-op feature

So when people are like "Oh it's optional" they fail to realise the co-op stuff adding to the game will still remain when going through it in alone.

This makes me think it's going to go action based...I mean Necromoprphs with's RE5 all over again, least with DS2 (RE4) they nearly found a balance

I'm hoping they've just removed multiplayer from the game can't polish a turd remember.

kingdavid2335d ago

Once you start going co-op, the survival horror aspect of games loses its value.

So im pretty much gonna agree with your theory.

vickers5002335d ago

It could just end up being drop in drop out co-op like Resistance 3, where none of the game is actually based around co-op itself and nothing is built around it, but the option is there if you want it.

kingdavid2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

How is resistance 3 a horror game though?

That works because the battles in resistance 3 are relatively wide open and theres always the scale of war.

Survival horror games SHOULD be claustrophobic and have the "you alone versus them" feeling. Half the scariness of survival horrors is that you are alone.

vickers5002335d ago

"Survival horror games SHOULD be claustrophobic and have the "you alone versus them" feeling. Half the scariness of survival horrors is that you are alone."

That's not really up to you to decide for other people though. In Resistance 3, you were alone like half the time, and when you weren't, your comrades died pretty fast and very easily.

Like I said, it should be drop in drop out co-op, with no element of the game built around co-op whatsoever. That way, it doesn't affect you at all, and those who want to play without a friend can, and those who want to play alone without having to suffer through forced co-op elements with the AI don't have to.

The only reason I brought up Resistance 3 as a comparison, is because it's an example of a game that doesn't force any co-op elements on you, yet still allows the option for it should you decide you want it.

Saying that other people shouldn't play the way you want them to is a bit immature. Some people like Dead Space for different reasons. I myself bought Dead Space 1 and 2 and liked them, but not for the horror elements. I really liked the atmosphere of both games and the third person shooter gameplay and unique weaponry and limb gameplay. I personally don't even like horror.

Though I'm certainly not saying EA should change the actual game to cater to my preferences though. Your survival horror feeling will still be there for you, it wouldn't have to go away. It's just that there would be an option for those who like playing with a friend to play with you as well. For the people who WANT to play co-op, the experience is definitely not ruined, because if you're the type of person who wants to play with a friend rather than alone, you're most likely going to enjoy the game more with a friend.

If you're not the type of person who wants to play with a friend, then simply DON'T INVITE A FRIEND TO YOUR GAME. If the temptation is too great and you can't resist, well then that's your own fault, not the games.

If they added R3 style co-op, then it hurts no one. If they built the game around co-op like Resident Evil 5, then yes, I would agree with you that it would ruin the game for the survival horror buffs, but if it was like R3s simplistic co-op, then it hurts no one.

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FarCryLover1822335d ago

I think it is totally optional. Those old rumors stated that it just adds an extra guy to the game. Kind of like how it is in halo and whatnot.

SKUD2335d ago

If its anything like DS2. Pass. Way to much action. Less creep.

Hisiru2335d ago

DS2 definitly has better bosses and more action but it is also an incredible game/survival horror. DS2 is still a scary game full of tense momments, better story development, more enemies, some new gamplay elements and multiplayer (which is not special but not bad either).

Dead Space 1 and 2 are the best the genre has to offer nowadays.

princejb1342335d ago

gotta admit
even though dead space 1 and 2 or one of my favorite games this gen
dead space 2 didn't have the scare factor of 1
a lot more action
i remember playing dead space 1 and walking slowly around corners not knowing what to expect
i didn't do that ones in dead space 2 since they swarmed the players with so many necromorphs, they lost their scare factor

xXFrostXx2335d ago

EA's conference is sounding pretty good, dead space 3, medal of honor war fighter, overstrike, crysis 3. This is gonna be one hell of an E3.

theeg2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

as long as its for next gen and pc fine, but dammit stop announcing games for last gen ps3/360

i don't want to see the upcoming vhs release list either


console vs pc (or current gen) = vhs vs. bluray

2 gens behind

BitbyDeath2335d ago

Your analogy seems incorrect as DVD would be last gen.
Blu-ray being this gen.
VHS being the PS2/Xbox 1 era.

Just thought i'd point that out...

Ashunderfire862335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Uhhh VHS is actually the PS1 and N64 era, before PS2 and Xbox of the DVD era.

BitbyDeath2335d ago

I'm just going by theeg's analogy.
There isn't anything newer than Blu-ray so that should make it the latest gen. (aka Nextgen/PC)

Therefore that'd put DVD inline with PS3/360 and VHS inline with PS2/Xbox 1.

There is no way you can compare VHS with PS3/360. It would be DVD.

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