Countdown to E3: Super Smash Bros. 4

Mario is having a huge showing at E3 this year. He is getting another installment in the Paper Mario series, as well as making his debut on the Wii U. Even his brother is getting some love with Luigi’s Mansion 2. But what many fans seem to forget is his involvement in one of Nintendo’s greatest and most ambitious series, the Super Smash Bros. series. In just five short days, Nintendo is ready to unleash a storm of announcements, and the fourth entry in the popular Smash Bros. series just might make an appearance.

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Titanz2383d ago

Everyone (including jadeds) with lose their minds! xD

princejb1342382d ago

they better bring back melee style instead of that brawl piece of junk
or they'll be losing my money

Titanz2382d ago

Welp..., you better prepare for the worst, then! xD (jk).

Khordchange2383d ago

Im not expecting smash brothers, but it would be a pleasant surprise. All nintendo had to do last year was say smash brothers will be on wii u and 3ds, and people lost their minds. Just imagine the reaction when they actually show gameplay.

Jls12383d ago

ill be getting a wii u soon as ssb comes

HawtSkull2383d ago

They better bring back Roy and Mew Two. + We need the melee engine. Brawl was good but it was so slow.

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