Blizzard Needs to be Fair by Bringing Diablo 3 to Consoles

From the feature article:

"The fact of the matter is: Diablo III needs to be played on consoles. There is so much truth in this statement that I can begin it with, “The fact of the matter is…” without even having first proposed an argument. Blizzard/Activision should want a bigger audience (even though it already sold some 6+ million copies) than the one that exists on the PC platform and the console manufacturers should want a new (and incredibly profitable) genre being played on their systems."

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LaurenKB1232333d ago

I would so buy this, in a heartbeat - and I already have it on PC...

ATi_Elite2333d ago

Go buy a PC and Enjoy Diablo III the proper way along with BF3, Day Z, Firefall, and about a thousand other PC Exclusives.

outlawlife2333d ago

did you not read the comment before you replied at all?

They already have it on PC but would play it again on console. I think a lot of people would.

yewles12333d ago


dedicatedtogamers2333d ago

Why? Why does it NEED to be on consoles? Does Mario and Halo and Uncharted NEED to be on PC? Just buy the freakin' system that the game comes on. That's how it used to be back in the day.

Diablo III is so finely-tuned to be played with a mouse/kb it's not even funny. The only person who would think that it'd work on consoles is someone who has never played the game, or someone who thought Halo Wars was a good RTS (lol).

LaurenKB1232333d ago

It seems like a genre lacking on consoles, why not bring it to consoles?

joab7772333d ago

I agree. This is exactly why it needs to come to consoles. But, i dont believe its "if" as much as "when". Diablo 3 was streamlined and customized so its translation is easier. The question becomes whether its this gen or next. I say it will b sooner than later. Theres too much money to be made.

TCG_Returns2333d ago

finely tuned for M/KB? Im sorry but what? LOL

You just click the freaking mouse for the entire game! I could easily substitute that for either analog stick and set the shoulder buttons for the powers.

theeg2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

mario and halo are on pc, uncharted will be in a few years, all in glorious 1080p, 1200p, 1440p, 1600p

emulation allows the pc to play everything, everywhere, always

backwards compatible gaming going back to 1980

consoles are drm

diablo 3 is not coming to ps3 360, they are last gen, maybe next gen, but not for years

if there even are any more consoles

and to correct the article, it sold 6.5 million copies in 1 week, its over 10 million now

blizzard may have some company in india port it to ps4/nextbox next year, but why make their game look like crap in dirty 720p and have jaggies all over and run at 20-30 frames

slayorofgods2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Does Mario and Halo and Uncharted NEED to be on PC?

Why do you think emulators exist?

IMO, It's better to have all eggs in one basket, as opposed to needing a PS4, 720, Wii U, NDS, Vita, untitled Valve console, PC, and I pad to play all the games going into the next generation. (jrpg's are the perfect genre to show frustration with this since they are spread all over the place)

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negroguy2333d ago

First they need to fix the latency and bug problems before they think about doing anything else.

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