Humble Bundle 5 Hits $1M in 5 Hours

The fifth Humble Indie Bundle has broken the $1 million mark.

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Snookies122332d ago

Yep, I've been watching this go flying up... Pretty crazy how fast this amazing bundle is selling!

lugia 40002332d ago

Not hard. Games such as Limbo, Amnesia and Bastion for amazing prices should go like this.

synchroscheme2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

I bought it and I already own most of the games.

The soundtracks alone are worth the purchase.

Fatty2331d ago

This is probably the best set of games and extras they've done, so I'm not surprised... and I'm wondering what else they'll add to it. They've usually added stuff in the past.

Brash_Attack2331d ago

I wouldn't be surprised to see HIB4 to be added on.

MySwordIsHeavenly2331d ago

Well, it's the best Humble Bundle they've had, so far. It's freakin' awesome! I'm paying at least the minimum, so I can get Bastion. I already have Amnesia, I'll gift that to a friend.

The fact that you can gift things to friends is so great, by the way. It makes birthdays and Christmas so much easier for my friends and I.

Ducky2331d ago

You can't gift the steam version of those games.

Brash_Attack2331d ago

You kinda can, just not separately. You can just give someone the Steam code to download the whole bundle on Steam.

MySwordIsHeavenly2331d ago

I've done it in the past with Humble Bundle games. Did they stop doing that?

ReservoirDog3162331d ago

Haha, I didn't even know there was a new Humble Bundle!

Bought it without even thinking but I wonder if they'll add on more games later like they usually do.

This is easily their best bundle yet though.

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