4 E3 announcements that will send everyone home happy

So E3 is just around the corner and speculation is everywhere. Therefore I decided I wasn’t going to let everyone have all he fun so here are 4 different announcements that will send everyone home happy. (Obviously not everyone will be happy but well, you can’t please everyone.

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Snookies122421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

The Kingdom Hearts HD collection... After the explosion that rumor had, that's a must too...

Though I DEFINITELY have to agree with that first one! Kevin Butler in Playsation All Stars, YES PLEASE!

Hovis2421d ago

Never played the Kingdom Hearts games (waiting for a HD collection).

Good list, I like the idea for the Kevin Butler character.

Also the star wars stuff is a def

TheLyonKing2420d ago

You will love it :) I have follwed the series through every itteration and I did wish it was all on one platform so this is good news for people like you (if it is true)

crxss2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

The author never played Skyward Sword?? He's missing out. Way better than TP. I don't see myself getting a WiiU... though i did get a Wii for Zelda and Smash Bros. really hoping that WiiU games don't look appealing, for my wallet's sake.

Akuma-2421d ago

There's one announcement that will send everyone that's a gamer and neophile home happy is ps4 announcement

Outside_ofthe_Box2420d ago

KH HD Collection WITH KHDDD included will have everyone going BERSERK.

Snookies122420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

I'd be fine even if they didn't put DDD in, as I think that's more of a pipe dream considering it's not quite out yet lol. Still... I just want to hear the words Kingdom Hearts HD at E3, if I don't I am going to be beyond pissed at Enix... -_-

Besides, if you don't own a 3DS and want to check out DDD, you can always just watch it through online. That's what I did with the Japanese version. XD

aviator1892421d ago

This is like a dream list that was pulled directly from my mind. If all of these come true, my mind will be blown and E3 2012 will be one to remember.

metsgaming2421d ago

I disagree with the star wars, yes announcing it would be great but they have to be GOOD like the others. If they CODized battlefront and removed great features from 1 and 2 then it would be better if they didnt make it.

ChunkyLover532420d ago

Battlefront has always been a third person shooter, where COD is a first person shooter. Also, COD didn't invent perks or killstreaks. Battlefront had a reward system all its own.

People just like to think everything copies COD games, its not really true. There just isn't a ton that shooter games can do in the form of inventing new aspects or bringing something new to the genre.

WooHooAlex2421d ago

For me:

1. Kingdom Hearts Collection
2. Metal Gear Solid 5
3. inFamous 3
4. Star Wars: Battlefront 3

Ken222420d ago

1.FFVSXIII release date
3.Legend of Dragoon 2
4.Tomba 3

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The story is too old to be commented.