Japan: PS3 Exclusive (Yakuza 3) Gets Exclusive Instant Noodles

Kotaku, Thu Jan 17 2008, by Brian Ashcraft

What better way to promote an Edo period game with women in S&M gear? Noodles! Yep, starting next month, PS3 exclusive Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan! (aka Yakuza 3) instant udon noodles will go on sale in Japan for ¥210 (aka US $1.96) a cup. The Ryu ga Gotoku games always get the best promotions. Heck, the first Ryu ga Gotoku held an pre-game event in an actual hostess bar!

Original Source: Ryu ga Udon (Dengeki Online)

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Rikitatsu4671d ago

I played the 2 Demos on the JPN PS store, Unless You know How to Perform HEAT moves, You will see the Combat as "simple"

The City is very very Colorful and Lively .. the Mo-cap is one of the best ! Voice acting is 10/10 .... One of the best games if not the best game i played on PS3

Kudos to Nagoshi and SEGA

Yakuza 3 FTW!!!

DolphGB4671d ago

I just wish they'd bring the series to Europe.

Sega are only just going to deliver Yakuza 2 to the US this year. If they even bother to bring the series to the UK at any point, it's going to be 2009 at least...