Top 5 Platformers of All Time

"Since the early 80s, platformers have graced the video game scene. Granted, they weren’t called platformers until long after they appeared, but those early games did define the genre and allow for new and innovative takes on the basic premise of going from one side of the screen to another. While very few of the games on this list are old or genre-defining, the games that I do feature ended up here because of their unique and enjoyable gameplay."

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hennessey862331d ago

Alex the Kid
Donkey Kong

t0mmyb0y2331d ago

You can't put Limbo it's barely a few years old

Kurt Russell2331d ago

I don't think age has anything to do with quality...

Personally I would have had Rayman Origins in place of it though, that game was brilliant.

t0mmyb0y2330d ago

I have nothing against quality. The title is platformers "of all time". So in the whole history of games, this one makes the top 5? Lets see how many people are playing this 10 years from now.

Fez2331d ago

Limbo isn't good enough to make any top 5 list imo. I guess this is just hismo so fair dos.

DKC and its sequel are amazing platformers. I would probably have super monkey ball in my list if you can class that as a platformer. Anything with monkeys really...

t0mmyb0y2330d ago

Monkeys fix everything :)

2331d ago
InTheLab2331d ago

Limbo? Decent game, but of all time? Ehh..

You can't have a top 5 platformers without at least one of the NES Marios.

I'd also remove Mega Man and add Sly 3. DKC would probably be my all-time favorite.

PersonMan2331d ago

Limbo was one of my favorite games this generation. It's so simple yet so fun and interesting. I like how it was like survival meets creepy sidescroller.