Unreal Tournament III: Gamespy Review - 'an absolute stunner'

Although there's no denying that the Unreal Tournament franchise revolutionized PC gaming, one could argue that the console entries just didn't offer a similar (or, in some cases, enjoyable) experience. Unreal II: The Awakening was downright bad, and while the first Unreal Championship brought some interesting elements to the table (it was notable for being one of the first titles with Xbox Live play), it just didn't feel like the Unreal we all knew and loved.

Thankfully, things appear to have changed since Midway started publishing the Epic-developed titles. Unreal Championship 2 was one of 2005's best multiplayer games, despite the fact that some purists didn't like the fact that it was primarily a third-person shooter.

As was the case with the Unreal 3-powered Gears of War, Unreal Tournament III is an absolute stunner. The level of detail is extremely impressive, as are the animations and character models. Best of all, it runs at at nice, smooth clip for the most part, with occasional exceptions. The audio effects and music are both solid, although even the best audio couldn't help the aforementioned terrible dialogue.

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ravinash4668d ago

I took a break from COD4 for 2 weeks as I over played it the other weekend. And you know what, I still love when UT3 comes out in UK I don't know what the hell I'm going to do....dare I say I won't be eating or sleeping for a while....may even have to take a few days off work sick.

SL1M DADDY4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Take a few days off indeed. I have both COD4 and UT3 for the PS3 and while I love COD4 to the point of addiction, I love the fact that I can jump into a UT3 match and get my frag on. The game is sick and fast and makes COD4 look a bit slow paced but in no way can truly be compared as equal, only something different. Having both will give you the best of both worlds. When you want bloody giblets, you turn on UT3, when you want the look and feel of Infinity Ward you pop in COD4. Game on my friend.

Kleptic4668d ago

I was worried that I would have trouble doing well in both, just because of controls being different and stuff...

but Cod 4 and Ut3 are so different in every aspect you don't even really notice...

UT3 is fantastic though...any fast paced shooter fan should definitely get it...I have been regularly playing both lately, and they are both very easy to pick up and play after the other...if that makes any sense...

cr33ping_death4668d ago

i gotta buy me COD 4 and UT3 since my 360 crapped out on me i have to level up on COD 4 all over. never played a UT game so this should be fun.

Mark Rein4668d ago

The 360 version is superior thanks to the 360's more powerful hardware.

novaIS3504668d ago

This might be a big joke, but people who go out of their way to post stuff like this are the biggest tool bags. Go get laid or something brosef.

Perkel4667d ago

@ Mark Rein

Good Joke ;)

jctoyou4667d ago

there aint a 360 version yet u knob,so how can it be better?

Iron Man 24667d ago

Oh really,Is that why the Xbox 360 version doesn't have mod support?I don't know you tell me,Mark Rein wannabe:P

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 4667d ago

360 cant touch this game,with all the mods and grafix it is the best shooter to date.because we dont have to play what developers make,we make the game the way we custom controls wanna be fast,ok,you wanna be slow,ok.TOTAL CUSTOM!ONLINE MADNESS.