Activision Case Resolved: No Trial Happening In Infinity Ward vs. Activision

There will be no trial in the Activision Vs. Infinity Ward case. According to a tweet from journalist Mike McWherton, the case has been resolved.

"No trial happening in West v. Activision suit. No comment from lawyers yet but case has been resolved," Michael McWhertor (corrected for G4TV) tweeted.

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aviator1892334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

We've all been following this case for nearly two years and now we won't even know what agreement they came to or what went down?.. :/

Oh, well. I'm just happy it's over and zampella and west can go back to making their game.

zeal0us2334d ago

I'm pretty sure West and Zampella got some money. No way they would drop the case without getting something.

urgentfury2334d ago

It better have been more than just something...

RugbyGod2334d ago

Activision was reported to have set aside 1 Billion from their earnings forcast....this was said to be the $ they knew they had to pay out

jessupj2333d ago

I'm glad they got their money, but very disappointed Activision's shady and disbicable tactics weren't laid out on the table for the whole world to see.

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