SplitFish brings PS3 controller to UK

17 January 2008 10:27 GMT - SplitFish Gameware is bringing its gaming accessories to the UK headed up by the FragFX PlayStation 3 controller.

This is claimed to offer PC style gameplay on the PS3 and doubles as an optimized mouse for PS Home and web navigation.

It features a Frag button that allows users to slow target movement down for better aim accuracy, comes with SIXAXIS motion control and supports all PS3 games.

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P4KY B4670d ago

Would be good for RTS games too.

Chibs4670d ago

Yes because I want to sit at a desk when I'm playing my PS3 on my 42" hdtv.

Interesting peripheral, but just useless imho.

mighty_douche4670d ago

due why exactly do you need a desk?? whats wrong with your lap?

Chibs4670d ago

Never found a mouse comfortable to use on my lap ;) besides even with that sort of approach, your hands have to be close together, if I'm paying for something that's supposed to imitate a keyboard and mouse setup I don't want my hands resting on my lap like that, just doesn't make it for a comfortable gaming experience.

Quite simply interesting idea, flawed execution.

Skymt4670d ago

If you took a moment to investigate the product, you will find that the mousepad designed to fit in your lap, and the fragchuck (the left hand device) is detachable from the pad. The entire product is designed for comfortable playing in a living room environment.

marinelife94670d ago

When are they going to make it wireless?

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Bad_Karma4670d ago

This has been available in the UK since last year on both and Amazon.

mighty_douche4670d ago

yeah i was thinking the same thing.

Oh well.

ravinash4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

yeah, I thought I'd seen this somewhere already.
Was thinking of getting it.

Anyone here already tried this?

Bathyj4670d ago

Bout time. Now Australia please.

mighty_douche4670d ago

dude, we've had it for months (UK), cant you import?

Bathyj4670d ago

I suppose. I've never imported anything and dont use a credit card. I only buy from Oz ebay.

Anyway, I'll wait for the bluetooth version.

eyeballpauluk4670d ago

it sounds good in need to have a shot myself of it in a shop or sumin b4 i went and bought it tho...

think ill stick with the dual shock!

kidA4670d ago

bought one about 3 months ago, used it for 20 mins on ROM and Uncharted, sent it back next day.

Movement is inaccurate and slow - doesn't work like a PC mouse because it maps the directional movements of the sixaxis sticks.

Might be ok for some, I prefer sixaxis.

Bathyj4670d ago


You know it has a speed adjustment. Was it turned right up?

NeonSkull4670d ago

Anyone tried one of these?

insanemcbain4670d ago

yeah i bought this for cod4 and i have to say it works like a dream. i can understand the comment made by kidA because with some games it just doesn't work. i have also tried it with resistance and warhawk, both have issues. the reason it works so well with cod4 is because you have 10 or so levels of sensitivity to choose from from. i could never go back to sixaxis on cod4 now.

ravinash4670d ago

I will get it.
Looking forward even more now for when UT3 arrives.

light4670d ago

I have it for about 4 month now. Only the game you will enjoy is cod4 in my opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.