Another Gears of War Is Coming, But Who’s Making It?

Epic Games won't say whether People Can Fly is involved or not.

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Darth Stewie2331d ago

Maybe they have two teams like Naughty Dog now.

cstyle2331d ago

More gears is not a problem....bring it MS.

omi25p2331d ago

If its as bad as Gears 3 then im not interested.

cstyle2331d ago

Whatever dude. Gears 3 is awesome. Take your jealousy somewhere else.

Hicken2331d ago

No offense, but given how much Microsoft relies on the franchise, less Gears is the ONLY problem.

omi25p2331d ago

How can i be jealous when i own the Epic edition.

The story answered nothing. I read all the books leading up to the third one and if anything it made more plotholes.

We still dont know why the queen is human. How the locust came to be, What the sires are from Gears 2. The story is shocking.

Then there is the gameplay. In Gears 1/2 it was hard to kill one person. It took alot of bullets and alot of skill. Shotguns required at least 2 shots or a punch and a shot and all the other games took ages.

They simply required skill to play.

In Gears 3 however you could stand 10 feet away from some one and one hit kill them with a shotgun. The sawnoff Doesnt even require you to aim. The whole game has been made easier to get a larger audience.

Thats why i dont like it, Not because im Jealous