Source: "Expect the unexpected" from Dead Space 3 at E3

"Dead Space 3 is very real and now that the first batch of screens have filtered out, with a further information blowout expected early next week at E3, TGL reached out to a trusted source for information relating to the next sequel in the critically acclaimed horror franchise.

TGL has been told to "expect the unexpected" of the game next week at E3."

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user54670072383d ago

If it was something like "you think it will have co-op...but it won't" then thats unexpected

That would be a miricle if it was true

brish2383d ago

I wouldn't expect that the writing on the artifact they dug up is translated and it says anyone who is exposed to the artifact will turn into a supermodel.

However, the initial transformation is a little gruesome looking. Please don't shoot the soon to be supermodels before the transformation is complete.

Kingdom Come2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Is the unexpected Co-Op and Necromorphs with guns?

Because, Yeah, we kinda expect that...

andibandit2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

I was already expecting the unexpected, so for me the unexpected would be the expected, so im gonna expect the expected while the rest of you expect the unexpected.

Laxman2383d ago

2 characters in a screenshot... Yep, must mean Co-op, there's no other explaination.

Cajun Chicken2383d ago

I really hope that Ellie returns.

eXclurel2383d ago

It seems the story will take place in a cold environment. Maybe a terraformed Mars.

Also the red suit looks awesome.

sycnation2383d ago

maybe turn it into a fps...

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