First Details of Skyrim: Dawnguard

Bethesda’s first major expansion to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is apparently all about vampires. Our first real details about Dawnguard come from the reveal trailer, which shows quite a bit more than the piercing, glowing eyes of the Dovakiin character model Bethesda has been using for marketing. Let’s go through the major points.

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Xof2383d ago

Nothing to see here, folks. If you saw the trailer, you know EXACTLY as much about Dawnguard as IGN.

MysticStrummer2382d ago

Dragon's Dogma is keeping me too entertained to even consider this.

DemiserofD2382d ago

I find it somewhat amusing that they don't get the ice dragon bit. I'm really excited about it! First off, it's a frozen lake! How awesome is that? The fact that the dragon can go through it opens up some awesome possibilities...remember that book that details the different kinds of vampires? Remember how it mentions that they can move through the ice? Eh? EH?


Lovethedead1777best2381d ago

Finally, something more interesting than a fan made video of the dovahkin with glowing eyes, THANKYOU :)