9 Things We've All Done

We're all guilty of doing things like blaming the controller for not responding, yelling at televisions, and liking bad games others hate. Blake Anglin of describes 9 things gamers have are guilty of.

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acemonkey2329d ago

guilty for most of those lol

Myst2329d ago

Yep gotta say I've done most of these as well.

t0mmyb0y2329d ago

Wow didn't think this article was going to be that accurate. I'm guilt of all lol

Spenok2328d ago

Lol agreed. I was expecting some shitty article on "Things we've all done" and be able to say maybe iv'e done one or two, but, low and behold, iv'e done them all xD

WooHooAlex2329d ago

How about when you're playing an online shooter and you're having a bad match, so you lie and say you're lagging.

Anyone else guilty of that? :P

t0mmyb0y2328d ago

Nah. I just admit I suck and there's obviously others better than me :)

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The story is too old to be commented.