IGN's Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust Interview and First Screens

Let's not pull any punches here. The last Leisure Suit Larry was a radical departure from previous titles in the series, and a huge disappointment for fans who were hoping for an adventure game but instead found a collection of tedious mini-games. Thankfully Sierra, the publisher of the series, has taken the criticisms on board, and Larry is back with a new developer and a new focus that looks to marry the charms of Larry-past with modern gaming sensibilities. IGN caught up with the game's Executive Producer John Melchior to find out more.


Platforms are currently unknown but IGN posted this interview under the PC/PS3/X360 channels.

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MK_Red4665d ago

Holy ****. Larry is back! It was said that he will return but WOW. A huge huge surprise. Humor, sex and fun are back and hopefully, this time it will be a real Larry. I was hoping for a 2D art or at least something cell shaded. Larry with 3D polygons just doesnt feel right but hopefully this one has more than meets the eye ;)
Awesome find, interview and overall news :)

wh0am14665d ago

Indeed the last game was more than diasppointing.

Hope the new developer will bring Larry back.