Zelda HD Collection To Be a Wii U Launch Title

It’s E3 this Tuesday, so if you’re sitting down painfully awaiting the arrival of the conference, Nintendo have a Wii U based game/teaser that you can play along with to fill the time!

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Jamegohanssj52329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

This is Nintendo's way of saying, "We have nothing that you really want but here are all the Zelda games in Wii graphics quality. We'll release the next Zelda in 2014."

Wait what? Lol at this marketing. I guess all Sony has to do is release a GT collection and the PS4 will sell. While M$ can release a Halo collection. Oh wait, M$ is already doing that. Halo 2 tenth anniversary.

Gaming has become something now.


Elderly_Cynic2329d ago

That's a pretty cynical attitude, particularly since this is pure speculation and guesswork. And yes... I appreciate the irony...

Yi-Long2328d ago

... the whole reason why Nintendo's Wii U doesn't have Gamecube backwards compatibilty!

They just want to re-sell us the games we already bought!

That said, a budget-priced HD-port of F-ZeroGX would almost be a system-seller for me!

caseh2328d ago


Well yeah, thats how it works lol.

Sony removed backwards compatability, it probably wouldn't be that difficult to create a PS2 emulator on the PS3 but which option makes the most sense if you're a business:

A) Create an emulator, sell it for $19.95 on PSN


B) Re-release PS2 games for $9.99 a pop on PSN

They didn't remove the backwards compatability from the older PS3 models for nothing... :)

NukaCola2328d ago

All I know is Wind Waker is the most beautiful Zelda title and toonshading is my personal favorite use of cellsahding art, so I am happy.

Kurt Russell2328d ago

Don't complain that Nintendo are releasing HD collections after blowing your load over GOW remakes, Shadow of Colossusm, MGS and countless other HD remakes we've seen this gen. Just don't buy it if it chaps your arse, jeeze.

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PopRocks3592329d ago

Bad when Nintendo does it.

Awesome when Sony does it.

I don't get people sometimes...

Ace_Pheonix2329d ago

I completely agree. I was way stoked when Konami announced the MGS HD collection, and can't stop playing it. I am sure there are plenty of people out there that feel the same way about Zelda. Haters gonna hate, I guess. Truth is, there's a market for HD collections and gamers should be glad this is being released.

Dac2u2329d ago

Sony re-releases their games and adds features, like upscaled graphics, trophies and other little bonuses. They also give you a good deal for multiple games. The problem I have is that Nintendo re-releases and gives you absolutely nothing extra. Look at Mario All-Stars and Zelda OoT. There are other examples that have slipped my mind, atm. If Nintendo would just be a little more pro-consumer, I think they'd be far better off as a company right now.

PopRocks3592329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )


Zelda OoT 3D had a complete graphical overhaul. They even updated some of the character animations. And some very effective gyro controls. So that point is nothing short of moot.

Lord_Sloth2328d ago

Indeed it did have a graphical overhaul, however it was also the 5th launch for the game if memory serves.

OoT (N64)
OoT&Master Quest (GC)
Zelda Collection (GC)
OoT (Wii Virtual Console)
OoT 3D (3DS)

I also don't believe he was saying it was okay when Sony did it so much as making fun of the numerous launches the series has had.

Besides, even you have to admit that a single relaunch with a graphical overhaul is better than 5 relaunches with only the most recent actually having an update.

Outside_ofthe_Box2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

***"Bad when Nintendo does it.

Awesome when Sony does it.

I don't get people sometimes..."***


People are very forgetful...

How many times have people said that HD collections were only made to "force" people to re-buy PS2 games lol?

Oh and I'm surprised that nobody is jumping the gun and calling Nintendo "unoriginal." We all know that had Nintendo been doing HD remakes first and Sony were to just recently start doing them the words "copycat" and "unoriginal" would be thrown around to no end.

Awesome when Sony does it indeed huh?... I really don't get people sometimes...

BitbyDeath2328d ago

"Bad when Nintendo does it.
Awesome when Sony does it."

I wish people would stop assuming that just because one person says something everyone else in the world must be in agreement with him/her.

Who's to even say this person even supported Sony's HD collections?

N4G would be a much better place without comments like these.

SilentNegotiator2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

"Bad when Nintendo does it.
Awesome when Sony does it."

First of all, that is not at ALL what the poster you're replying to is saying.

Second, releasing HD collections a few years into a system's lifespan (ps3) is NOT the same as filling your launch lineup with HD collections and ports (Wii U, 3DS).

MaxXAttaxX2328d ago

You just assumed. Though I'm not surprised how easily some jumped on Sony on this one, even though they're not the only company to do so.


Well after 4 other re-releases of OoT and 2 generations later, I would imagine there being some kind of "graphical overhaul" even if it's only in 240p on the 3DS.

Anyway, I see no problem with HD collections.

linkratos2328d ago

I would like to remind you all that OoT has only really had 1 true re-release. I'm pretty sure Master Quest and Collector's Edition on the GC were just promotional discs given away for preordering/subscribing to something. VC obviously wasn't retail, it's just like all the PS1 classics on PSN. 3DS was a very proper remake including a graphical overhaul, added master quest, and a boss rush mode.

I think we can excuse them for "milking" (or in 2 of these cases giving away) the highest praised game of all time.

Studio-YaMi2328d ago

Would you mind not generalize all the Sony fans ? you're not better than him right now to be honest.

I am for one happy for this announcement,I skipped a lot of Zelda games because I didn't have the time to play them,even though I played the hell out of majora's mask.

This will definitely be one of my first purchases for my Wii-U,you can bet on that :D !

loltonytony2328d ago

Forget them, I would love a HD Wind waker.

kikizoo2328d ago

The major difference is : sony is also making tons of new exclusives, not nintendo.

jeseth2328d ago

Its not bad when anybody does it.

It just shows Nintendo has no games except for Mario and Zelda basically. Its kind of embarrassing when you are going to launch you brand new console and one of your biggest "launch" titles is a re-release of yester-year.

It is more of an example that Nintendo still can't create exciting new IP's.

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Jamegohanssj52329d ago

The thing is, they've done it for the 3DS and now they're "possibly" using it for their launch console. Sony waited until the release GoW3 to do theirs. That's the difference. Release it around the time of the release of a new Zelda game.


PopRocks3592329d ago

Given how long it takes Nintendo to produce a major Zelda title, I see no reason to give fans something in the mean time.

Besides, I thought people wanted to play the GCN/Wii games in HD.

blu_yu_away2329d ago

Both Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank were released with no new entries to the series. The Sly Collection will have been out for probably about a year before Sly 4. So waiting is not a difference. An HD collection is an HD collection who cares what time frame it is released.

MaxXAttaxX2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Umm there's been 4(four) new Ratchet & Clank games on PS3 before the HD collection which is not even out yet.
R&C:Tools of Destruction
R&C:Quest for Booty
R&C:A Crack in Time
R&C:All 4 one.

dark-hollow2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

the irony is so strong with this one!

lets go through sonys recent re-releases of older games. shall we?

-god of war HD collection
-God of War: Origins Collection
-Jak and Daxter Collection
-The Sly Collection
-The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection
-Ratchet: Deadlocked HD (japan only)

but when nintendo do it its because they have no games to look for? N4G never cease to amaze!

MaxXAttaxX2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Bias is strong with this one.

What does Sony have to do with this? They're not the only ones doing it.
In fact, nowhere in his comment did he suggest that Sony doing it was a good thing. You just assumed just because his comment wasn't favorable.
How classic.

N4G never ceases to amaze me....

dragonyght2328d ago

Lol ironically You guys always look for sony to make justification

dedicatedtogamers2328d ago

There's absolutely NO point in comparing this joke-of-a-release to Sony's HD collections. Here's why:

- Sony's HD collections didn't start coming in until SEVERAL YEARS AFTER the PS3 launched. In other words, they were adding these HD remakes to an already-established system. The HD remakes were not aimed at getting new people to buy a PS3. Rather, it was to give PS3 owners a chance to enjoy PS2 games with a slight graphical upgrade.

- On the other hand, if this is true, Nintendo is simply trying to cash in on the drooling fans by putting out this collection to get them to buy the console. They ARE aiming at getting new people to buy the system, using this as bait.

- They pulled the exact same stunt with Ocarina of Time 3DS, thinking it would bring the fans in by the gallons. Newsflash: it didn't.

PopRocks3592328d ago

..."it was to give PS3 owners a chance to enjoy PS2 games with a slight graphical upgrade"

"Nintendo is simply trying to cash in on the drooling fans by putting out this collection..."

You just said the same thing twice, but worded it differently.

fatstarr2328d ago

THere is so much truth here

Add in Sequels, Prequels, trillogys and quadrillogys.
gaming has become sad
and games have become bland and mundane rehashes from everyone.

PS2-GC-Xbox gen was more fun than this gen and something about last gen that this current gen cant imitate.

Veneno2328d ago

I agree that last gen was more fun than this current one. Why? Because developers, publishers, and 1st parties were way more creative and took many more risks than they do nowadays. It feels like he games coming out now are a checklist of features done before rather than anything fresh and exciting. Of course there are exceptions but not nearly enough of them to prove me wrong.

AWBrawler2328d ago

hell yeah! bring us back last gen! there was so much creativity then.

Totoro172328d ago

Cynycal? Yes? True? Yes :( As cool as this sounds, I already play my Zelda titles in HD using the Dolphin emulator (I know it'll probably be better here, but at least I won't have to buy a whole new system with 1 1/2 years of Nintendo support, then left in the crapper to die a pitiful death (ie any Nintendo console in the later years). Cool...but I'll pass.

Denethor_II2328d ago

I'm 25 and game mostly on PC and PS3, but must say am as giddy as s school girl seeing this headline.

MoveTheGlow2328d ago

In a way, I get what you're saying. It is disappointing that a big-ticket franchise like Zelda is going to get a few re-hashes, and it definitely means that their Wii U Zelda original isn't ready yet...

...but it's a logical thing to do! I don't know how many Dolphin HD things I've stared at with Zelda up-rezzed, it always looked great even out of Nintendo's hands. The 3DS did *not* have the OoT remake at launch, or really anything at all, and it was a laugh-riot of a launch - once that remake hit, people bought a 3DS.

As for me? I think I'm going to wait until Etrian Odyssey inevitably hits the Wii U. You wanna talk hardcore games? That series will kick your teeth in within 3 seconds of combat... while being so darn cute!

callahan092328d ago

Still haven't got around to playing Skyward Sword, but I loved Twilight Princess as well as Wind Waker, so I'll just hold off and pick up this collection, replay two of my favorites, and enjoy the latest one in its best version. Sounds good to me! Although this is all predicated on whether or not I actually buy the console (aww, who am I kidding, I say that about every new console that's announced, and yet the last console to come out which I didn't buy was the freaking Amiga CD32 back in the early 90's. And that was because it never even came out in the United States. I even bought a 3DO, a CD-i, a Jaguar w/ CD attachment, etc. etc. etc. Every generation, I think to myself "Am I over it? Am I too old? Do I even have time for games anymore? Is just using my PC good enough for me now?" and inevitably there's just ONE game that comes out that I feel like I have to play or I'm missing out, and I take the plunge. Every. Time. The Wii U will probably be no different, though so far, I haven't seen one single game announced for it that I couldn't play elsewhere, except for that stupid Ubisoft killer aliens game, whatever that was called (it looks like crap).

beerkeg2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

It's funny to read the comments here. It's not confirmed, the guy is GUESSING what it is.

Nevermind though, crack on. It's a reason to get the negative stick out aye?

EDIT: It's annoying to see headlines that make out it's a fact. Because it isn't.

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user54670072329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Zelda SS...without the motion controls

I'm interested

Although saying that they really shouldn't keep relying on Zelda all the time

The last new franchise by them was Pikman and the third game is still not out yet, it's missed an entire gen

Shaka2K62329d ago ShowReplies(5)
Rashonality2328d ago

don't get you hopes up, there's still a chance that it will be motion controlled cuz the Wii U supports Wiimotes but not as backward compatible only but as input devices cuz the Wii U only supports one (two if u believe the rumors) so it needs other controllers for mutliplayer games (e.g New super mario bros Wii U).

DA_SHREDDER2329d ago

Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, and Skyward sword would sound way sicker

2329d ago
ExPresident2329d ago

Gamers make this stuff possible. Don't buy it and they won't do it. The fact that his is marketing for their new system is laughable and why I don't buy Nintendo products anymore, its the same thing over and over and over.