Battlefield 3 Patch - What you NEED to know

The massive Battlefield 3 Patch list has been revealed, but what are the important parts? BattleStrats digs down to uncover the most important changes coming to BF3.

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Razgriz3832333d ago

Are we going to change the entire game again?
Not even Call of Duty does that...and I hate Call of Duty...

badvlad2333d ago

lol i agree soon were gonna have like 10 gigs of patch just to run the frekin game online. I like both games though

MetalGearMetroid2333d ago

Did they fix console matchmaking? Im not playing again until i can filter out all those garbage rented severs.

Sucitta2333d ago

i happen to love the rented servers = ) i can play a round of war for longer then 14 mins, its a nice feeling.

not everyone enjoys short quick matches that cater to the adhd mindhive consumer we have today.

battlefield was always about long matches until Call of Duty started selling 20 million copys.

Nafon2333d ago

And you can stay on the same server without leaving because you dont have to worry about Tehran Highway or another terrible map coming up!

hiredhelp2333d ago

garbage rented severs....
Be greatfull you dont pay for them and you have servers at all.

Rob Hornecker2333d ago

I have to agree with the point on a better server filter. I still have a rough time finding the dice servers.
I do like the idea of rented servers though ( my clan has one and we share the cost of it and its nice to set it up as private.) ,but some are garbage!

Gunandbomb2332d ago

Hey to find the dice servers easily just type in "dice" in the search bar and all of the dice servers will come up