RipTen Gaming Headset Buyer’s Guide

If there’s one thing that we love here at RipTen, it’s gaming audio. Meaty explosions, sweeping composition and masterful voice acting can elevate a good game to epic status. As a community, we obsess over the television sets and PC monitors we use to view our favorite titles, but it seems that many fewer aficionados respect the soundscape in the same way.

With the advent of voice communication for online gaming, even home theatre systems don’t really do service to intricate aural designs. Sure, the game sounds good, but you’re often left with a crummy packed-in headset for talking with your friends. Enter the gaming headset.

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KingNintendoFanboy2424d ago

I need a new headset. I'm bookmarking this.

browland12424d ago

I am actually looking to acquire a proper headset for my PS3 (the cheap bluetooth one isn't meeting my needs), so this guild will prove invaluable. Thanks for posting this.

BlackjackCF2424d ago

I do love me some meaty explosions.

Lovely guide guys :)

chrisyoung04222424d ago

Great guide on all the options out there. Too bad I am broke and stuck with my old TB's.

Cataract2424d ago

I'm badly in need of a USB headset. I'll keep this guide in mind!

No seriously, my current headset is starting to die out on me.

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