Tomb Raider Underworld - new details

New details on the title have appeared in the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK (it's the cover game), which explains how an Underworld level based in the ruins of a Mayan city is "jammed with detail and lashed with rain".

"Every crack in the architecture's running with shiny hid-def H20, and it'll actually affect Lara's progress - the water makes surfaces slippery, meaning she'll occasionally need to address her grip or risk falling off".

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Baba19064664d ago

really excited about this game.

iNcRiMiNaTi4663d ago

i just hope that they deliver. i hear uncharted is cool and all but id rather control a chick

Bleucrunch4663d ago

I am a BIG tomb raider fan, been playing ever since the sega saturn days (hmmm that one raised an eye brow bet some of you didnt know that one). I cant wait for this game because their is no game like tomb raider. I still get nightmares from the "London" level in tomb raider god that was a hard level.

lonestarmt4663d ago

I wonder if she walks on tight spaces if you have to tilt the ps3 controller to make sure she walks straight. wait....

Doctor Strange4663d ago

Sounds like pretty good so far. I hope the combat system is a bit better but puzzles has always been it's main thing and I don't think its going to disappoint there.

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