Halo 4′s Multiplayer ‘really pushes things forward’

X360: Halo 4′s multiplayer is making some bold new changes to the formula. We catch up with 343 Industries creative director, Josh Holmes, to talk Infinity and Spartan Ops…

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konnerbllb2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

lol. They are turning Halo in to COD and your reaction is Halo4Life?

Shame on you.

Twilightx72425d ago

You assume that Halo is turning into COD based on word of mouth, interviews that merely attempt to describe a feature without giving away the actual content, and absolutely zero video or gameplay evidence?

Shame on YOU.

BattleTorn2425d ago

As long as Halo has shields it won't be COD.
(Sheilds->longer kill times->rewards more skilled player)

The unlockable armor abilities was somewhat inevitable.

SJPFTW2425d ago

so unlocks make something into call of duty? puhhleassee battlefield did unlocks before COD4 in Battlefield 2 back in 2005

as long as it does not have killstreaks, low player health etc. then it is nothing close to COD

h311rais3r2425d ago

Uh have you not been reading the info? It's goin the opposite direction of COD.....

F7U122424d ago

yearly released games are nothing more than a smash and grab.

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konnerbllb2425d ago

So much for everyone spawning with equal abilities and relying on skill and map control to win the game. So much for a slower methodical gameplay mechanic that Halo is known for. Bring on the killstreaks, sprint, and loadouts.

Your inability to see how gameplay is changed with the direction Halo 4 is headed in is astounding.

Twilightx72424d ago

Please, point me in the direction of news or interviews revealing actual COD-style killstreak rewards, and supposedly unbalanced weapon/ability loadouts. Sprint isn't new - only the ability to have it on at all times is, and that is a welcome feature. Playing a Spartan has never actually felt like playing a Spartan, canonically, because of how slow the player moves without some special enhancement. Loadouts aren't new, they existed in Reach, and I haven't seen anything stating that this design has changed.

Your ability to actually see this changed gameplay is ALSO astounding, you must have some bizarre future-sight, or maybe even a time machine. You could make a fortune using it for something more important than video games, I'd wager.

Patriots_Pride2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

Dont feed the troll

He just created that account to troll 360 articles and he also created a duplicate account calledx dom xthe bomb and gammasix

Drcherd2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

sounds good to me. I hope you can fully customize multiplayer gametypes so if people do feel its gameplay is unfamiliar to them, then the option to remove those new features would be available. I also hope there is an option for you to play only closed matches. Bummer that they took out firefight, firefight would perfect if they let you forge the maps and be able to fight against players if you wanted to.

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Scizz2424d ago

Since when was a Halo game comparable to a Call of Duty game......

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