Top 5 DC Heroes (and Villains) We want in Injustice

As you might have heard, Warner Brothers are putting out a Justice League fighting game by Netherrealm, the devs that made the most recent (and excellent) Mortal Kombat. We already know a few of the heros including Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Who else do you want to see in the game though?

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Myst2332d ago

Black Canary would be awesome. Though as someone said on the video I'd really kill to see a DC vs Marvel of course some people would have problems with it; but it would just be so awesome @[email protected]

jc485732331d ago

If there's anything Capcom would be interested in doing is going up against this art direction. All Neatherealm needs to do is step it up a little like make girls more attractive rather than showing more skin. Give them more character or realistic features and Capcom will consider making a crossover.

BlaqMagiq242331d ago

Favorite DC villain: Doomsday the only one to ever "kill" Superman.