Injustice Finally Gets It Right

Are we finally going to get the superhero game we've always wanted? NetherRealm is breaking through comic standard and is bringing us an all out war with heroes fighting heroes and villains taking advantage of the situation. Best part? We get to play it!

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Godmars2902334d ago

May not be Dc vs Mortal Kombat, but its still a fighting game from the Mortal Kombat people which features DC characters.

crimsonfox2334d ago

I would rather them try and make an other game. DC characters besides Batman and Nightwing are pretty lame to me. I was hoping they would be able to do Killer Instinct or an other Monks game.

Rynx2334d ago

You know it's rather annoyingly redundant for non fans of a particular franchise to want something else but somehow feel the need to express this at the article of the franchise they're not interested in.

Game A is announced:
"Oh I'm not really a fan of A, but maybe if they did a B or C based game I'd be all over it"

It's being done, you're not a fan, move it along.

MidnytRain2334d ago

"rather annoyingly redundant"


crimsonfox2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

I was commenting more on nether realms then this game it self.
Sorry for being annoying sir.

AgreeFairy2334d ago

All I've seen is that it's getting it wrong again (much like MK vs DC). I don't see this selling well at all.

Larry L2334d ago

According to you MK vs DC "got it wrong", so this won't sell well, yet MK vs DC sold pretty damn well regardless of all the negative trolls attacking just the idea of the game from Day 1 of it being announced. I remember back in like Christmas 2009 the 1 year mark, sales of MK vs DC had just reached 2 million. It's probably close to 3 million at this point. So what do you know about what's good, and what's going to sell?

Not much by the looks of it.

And what exactly did MK vs DC get "wrong"? Everyone I know that actually played it all seemed to like it, and all pretty much said the same thing. It's a good, fun fighting game, with the best story of any fighting game made up to that point, it was a bad Mortal Kombat game, but was a fantastic DC Univrse fighting game.

The only thing MK vs DC did "wrong" (and this was really only "wrong" to internet trolls who just judge things like they know best), was to DARE to be a game with Mortal Kombat in the title that wasn't filled with a rediculous level of gore. Which again was just a complaint of people who didn't even play the game because the game did have blood, and some of the finishers were still pretty brutal regardless of the restrictions put on by DC.

And the good guys were good in MK vs DC. This game looks like DC may have loosened the reigns a bit. The good guys are now bad in this game, so I expect it will be a bit more brutal than MK vs DC was.