The Catch-Up – inFAMOUS 2

Default Prime writer Kyree Leary heads back into the inFAMOUS universe to take on The Beast in inFAMOUS 2. With a recent 2nd playthrough of the original title still fresh in his mind and a ending that had him craving more, did he find inFAMOUS 2 to be everything he wanted?

Yes. Yes, he did.

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sorceror1712383d ago

I just love the gameplay. Every power available every moment, enough challenge to be exciting but without an abundance of cheap deaths.

I actually enjoyed the UGC; the only real issue with it is that the rating and searching system needed better management so the good missions - and there are plenty - could be easier to find.

iamnsuperman2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

I have been playing this again (doing the good side again). It is a very good game and I still enjoy it (on my third play through). I stick by my score I submitted here (9.2). I am glad I got infamous for free via the PSN+ scheme otherwise I might have missed out on this small franchise.

However, I particularly do not want another purely because it could ruin the good ending for me. Its ending was perfect and wrapped up the universe quite nicely.

Half as long.....Twice as bright

strange19862383d ago

I wouldn't mind if they introduced a new main character. I love the lightning powers, but I think they could do some cool things with a completely new set of skills (not including the parkour/general flow of movement - that needs to stay). And the best part is, it would be a good excuse to get rid of that giant douche Zeke.

Keroyx2383d ago

I wouldn't mind a new character either. It's just that I know that as I'm playing as the new guy, I'd be sitting there thinking, "He's okay, but he's no Cole MacGrath. That's for sure."

And what's wrong with Zeke? Sure, he ran off with Kessler at one point, but he was by your side until the end.

iamnsuperman2383d ago

Zeke was badly done in the first game but I think he improved a lot in the second game. He developed and turned out to be much more than just a side kick.