A Dead Space Retrospective -

"Today, new screens of Dead Space 3 surfaced on the internet (which are conveniently placed throughout this article for you to gawp at). As this is undoubtedly going to be one of the biggest games at E3, I decided to take a step back and reevaluate exactly what made the previous two Dead Space titles so special to the industry. Consider this my retrospective, if you will."

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Morgue2330d ago

First one was awesome. Second one was good and the third. Can't really say but it seems that people have the green light to hate because of co-op feature. If done right it would be cool especially if each player started in seperate areas and what each player does affects the other. Via killing enemies, taking ammo and health. In game chat would be perfect for this game.

Hisiru2330d ago

I still can't believe I had nerves to beat the first game. I was really happy to see that the survival horror was finally back (with Dead Space 1).

Dead Space 2 improved everything (better bosses, more enemies, better story, cool new gameplay elements etc) but the multiplayer is nothing special (not bad either).

Dead Space 3 looks gorgeous and I am excited for it (I almost cried when I saw the rumors) but I probably won't play it using the Co-Op feature because the atmosphere is so intense... everything is so scary and it's good to feel that youre alone, I think it's something the series does right.

Hey Capcom, bring Resident Evil back! Now you have something to inspire yourself.

DeadSpaced2330d ago

Ah, the memories. The horrible, dark, twisted, bloody, gory, sanity depriving memories..

Plagasx2330d ago

The marker had that effect on you too, eh?