BagoGames: How Much Do You Hate Yourself? | Men in Black: Alien Crisis Review

Every now and again, a game comes out that makes you wonder, “What’s the point of this?” Men in Black: Alien Crisis, is that game. The concept of movie tie in games is a dead genre for the most part, due to the overwhelming feeling of suck, of almost every title that has come out in this genre. *cough cough* Superman Returns… But seriously, the reason that they would make such a poor game is beyond me. I mean if you buy the game new, you get a 10 dollar coupon for the movie, doesn’t that smell like trouble from the beginning?

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WriterWhelp2333d ago

Again, Will Smith in lingerie. It improves everything.

Ajoyshop2333d ago

You're never going to give that up are you man? :p

jeremybtyler2333d ago

Imagine that, another crappy movie tie in game.

Bagogames2332d ago

Hence why we gave it such a high score :p

manlypile2332d ago

Digital Tommy Lee Jones, people! Just give us what we want!

pumpkinlord452332d ago

Haha, just a easy cash grab from companies

Orangeandwhite2332d ago

If you play this came, you thereby support communism. And Hitler. Just saying.

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