Game Informer July Cover Revealed: The Next Gears Of War

Game Informer writes:

Usually, we like to reveal the name and final cover art for our upcoming issue's cover story the Thursday before it hits subscribers. This time we're saving the full unveiling of the game's title until Monday during Microsoft's E3 press conference, but we can confirm that our next cover is the new installment in the Gears of War series and is coming to Xbox 360.

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Paradicia2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

Woah, was not expecting that.

Perhaps a sequel to the original gears trilogy? With a hint of the man in chains being Marcus Fenix.

Gears of War: Exile

Come to think of it; I could see this being the Halo:Reach of the gears series.


Abash2427d ago

I was hoping there'd be a Gears of War break till next gen, Gears of War 3 had a conclusive ending. I guess publishers like flirting with the possibility they will exhaust out the IP before next gen

exsturminator012427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

@WrAiTh I don't think it would've made the cover of Game Informer if it was DLC; maybe a "should have been DLC" like Halo: ODST, but it'll be a full $60 game guaranteed.

As for the reveal: really? Another year of "Halo, Gears, Kinect, and Xbox-is-awesome-goodnight-folk s!" hype? They've been doing the same show for three years it feels like.

sikbeta2427d ago

Another GeOW? Didn't see that coming at all tbh

BlindGuardian2427d ago

it could be a GOTY edition with the single player DLC already released plus another short campaign

a brand new Gears for the 360 would really change predictions about a next gen in 2013

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32427d ago

@exsturminator...yeah, I guess you're right.

SilentNegotiator2427d ago

"Woah, was not expecting that"
"Another GeOW? Didn't see that coming at all tbh"

....really, though? Did you think they would let one of their more popular franchises take a rest? And I do mean both MS and Epic Games.

joab7772427d ago

Its a microsoft necessity like halo. Every other year, they have a blockbuster to accomlany their CoD dominance. It keeps xbox ahead without having to risk new IPs. It may b a reach type game, but i wouldnt be surprised, like halo 4 that it would b the beginning of a new trilogy. This almsot guarantees that the unreal engine 4 will be able to work on the 720. Microsoft has to giv epic the specs they need. I would, though prefer to see a new ip from epic but, oh well, we all know it will sell alot.

da_2pacalypse2427d ago

It's a prequel guys. It won't be a follow-up.

CoolBeansRus2427d ago

Abash i agree with you but at the same time the devs need to make money. :D

EVILDEAD3602427d ago

Gears prequel FTW...

Life is good


Peppino72427d ago

This will be good news regardless. Maybe even a possible ps3 version. Wasn't the Ms deal only a trilogy?

pixelsword2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

Whether it's DLC or a full game,



PLEASE show a lot of footage and multiplayer at E3!


DeFFeR2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

Wrong comment...

Patriots_Pride2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )


gatormatt802427d ago

So do you guys think this is the huge secret game that nobody saw coming... You know, the game Geoff Keighley was talking about??? Me personally, I kinda saw this coming.

Kurt Russell2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

GEARS OF WAR... YEEEEAH! *active reloads*

If you don't like the idea of it... just don't buy it ;)

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lastdual2427d ago

I was hoping for a Pendulum Wars prequel, but those look like reavers flying in the background, which would seemingly place this game after (or during) Emergence Day.

Paradicia2427d ago

This could take place right after the locust invade sera. It'll be interesting to find out Epic how Epic mold the storyline to fit the canon of the 3 game arc.

Jazz41082427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

For those saying Gears is milked then what about Uncharted? Its had 4 full retail games an sony released a year later. So its ok when sony does it but not ms? The 4th uncharted game would be your golden abyss btw. I'm not judging but wasn't resistance a new ip for sony as well just like gears. I believe with burning that's 4 for that one. The hypocrisy on this sit is terrible. I also ask what if it was ms who was screwing gamers out of money on burning? Sony has done more of this and more often then MS. I would love to see some new ips from ms but I know we will when the new box is released.

orange-skittle2427d ago

I said the same thing. It'll be during the Pendulum Wars. Just look at his captures...they aren't Locusts, so it was before Insurgence Day. You're incarcerated by COGS.

andibandit2427d ago

Jazz i simply could not agree more with you, altho i am a bit tired of the gears series, the delusioned people on this site, astound me with new stupidity every day.

DeFFeR2427d ago

@Jazz - there was a PSP Resistance (Retribution) too, so Burning Skies is #5


Neither Sony nor MS let their most popular franchises just hanging... We could argue that about Halo, Gears or Forza as much as we could for God of War, Uncharted or Resistance. It's just how this gen works.

Although you can get people to play new stuff, the fact is being part of a reknown franchise is the selling point of this gen. Don't matter it it's crap (not that I'm saying either those sequels are), don't matter if it's more of the same, as far as they keep pumping out those sequels within 2 years the brand is recognised and so it sells.

And you can fit here MS or Sony just as much as you could fit Activision, EA, Ubisoft, etc... Japanese devs do it less, like have some 3 to 4 years in between main games of the same franchise, but they also do it none the less, or maybe even more if we look for the spin-offs.

This doesn't mean Sony and MS operate on the same ground though, Sony simple invest more in 1st party, so the difference is that they can do that to more titles while still release major new IPs yearly, while MS relies more on the 3rd party for that so it's not so often we get something new.

Basically it means while both MS and Sony do the "milking" (if you want to call it that), the general complain is that MS survive out of it alone, while Sony don't.

Not saying it's a fair complain, MS do have new IPs, specially within Kinect, but Sony have more devs behind them, hence this (distorted?) impression.

milohighclub2426d ago

@jazz yeah but your missing the finer details m8, golden abyss was done by a new studio for a new platform. Tbh you could tell it wasn't a naughtydog game and the vita desperately needed it for launch.
Resistance has had 5 titles over 3 platforms.
This will be gears fourth title on one platform all by the same dev with the last major release being the end of last year.
Unless its a next gen launch title....
if uncharted 4 was announced for this gen then Sony fans would be saying the same thing, but it ain't so they aren't.

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fermcr2427d ago

Love the Gears series. Bring it on.

Oh_Yeah2427d ago

id rather see a new alan wake or see an attempt at a new fable (not journey) or even better a new ip!. gears always seems the new gameplay mechanics, they give you some big steroid guys and tell you to shoot stuff...thats cool, enemies are great but atleat add some air combat or some vehicle combat then i might be interested.

Thatguy-3102427d ago ShowReplies(13)
aviator1892427d ago

I actually think it may be a prequel to the events of the first game. He's probably in chains because we find him in a prison in the first gears of war. We'll likely see Marcus's story of emergence day and how he went to prison. Just a guess.

bangoskank2427d ago

Looks like Griffin to me.

showtimefolks2427d ago

here is my question since MS and Epic had a 3 game deal that is now over do we think this will come out on all HD consoles and pc?

Slient Knight 92427d ago

Is there any point of it coming to pc and ps3 if it just one game prequel?

But if it's start of a new gears of war trilogy then yeah hopefully does come to other consoles.

Patriots_Pride2427d ago

I think if that was the case Sony wolud have show cased at there conference for a more shock and awe.

Biohazard88602427d ago

Lol how did u not see this coming ?? anyways im def looking forward to this game.

ziggurcat2427d ago Show
ginsunuva2427d ago

How were you not expecting that?

Don't you know Microsoft's exclusives pattern is "Halo, Gears, Halo, Gears, Halo, Gears, Halo, Gears..."?

xAlmostPro2426d ago

Gears Kinect incoming, it's the only reasonable for an announcement so soon after the last installment.

I mean there was 2 years between Gears 1+2 and 3 years between 2+3..

This is less than a year after Gears 3's release date.

Well either that or they're going to release a sort of 'teaser for a teaser' and it will say "full announcement 2013"

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Emilio_Estevez2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

That's kind of lame of them to steal MS' thunder. If I was MS I would have made sure there was absolutely no mention of a new Gears until Cliffy B walked on stage.

Krug - O I know, so maybe I should've worded differently. Like why would MS let this out before E3, one of their biggest games would have been a huge surprise...Now it will only be a surprise if it's not what the people want(like kinect)

Krugsy2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

Dude, all this stuff is strategically planned. MS knew exactly when Game Informer would release their cover. Massive corporations don't leave something like this to chance. All those "leaks", yeah, not really leaks.

But yeah, I think they should of held onto the announcement till their conference rather than announcing it this way.

Dee_912427d ago

might have something bigger up their sleeves to announce in their conference.
I cant help but feel MS will announce some new IPs after this.

Imalwaysright2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

MS? Epic owns the rights of the GeOW franchise and they can unveil their game whenever they want too.

Krugsy2427d ago

To think MS hasn't got a massive say in how this IP is marketed is simply naive.

Imalwaysright2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

Again Epic OWNS the rights of this franchise and they can do wathever they damn please with it. If they wanted they could do a SNES version of it and wouldnt be mine, yours or MS business! Epic is not a MS 1st or 2nd party dev and owns MS nothing specially now that their 3 games contract deal has ended. In fact i wouldnt be at all surprised if this game was multiplatform or a 360 timed exclusive.

Krugsy2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

Sheesh, you clearly don't know how business works.

You actually think that Microsoft is going to let them go and push a major game, a game that MS would be incredibly invested in, without any of their own input? Yes, they don't own the rights to the new game (yet), but they do have a rather strong business relationship with Epic. Both companies would be in constant communication with each other as it would be mutually beneficial. In a business relationship like this, MS holds most of the cards as they have the fatter wallet. Epic isn't gonna piss them off by 'surprising them'.

Also, it's already been confirmed that the official unveiling is going to happen at Microsoft's Press Conference, meaning the two parties were in communication prior to Game Informers announcement. In fact, the whole cover wasn't unveiled, meaning, they're holding off until the conference to allow MS and Epic to mutually announce it.

Even if it does go multi platform(which it wont), Epic would have been in communication with MS so as not to loose their buisness relationship.

Imalwaysright2426d ago

"You actually think that Microsoft is going to let them go and push a major game, a game that MS would be incredibly invested in, without any of their own input" Oh my... It does NOT matter how much MS is invested on this IP because they dont own the rights of it. Dont you understand? EPIC CAN DO WATHEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT WITH IT. MS doesnt get to tell Epic what they can do with their Ip and all their millions wont change that.

"Both companies would be in constant communication with each other as it would be mutually beneficial. In a business relationship like this, MS holds most of the cards as they have the fatter wallet. Epic isn't gonna piss them off by 'surprising them'." Their business relationship changed as soon as their contract ended so Epic will surely take a course of line that is most advantegeous to them, not MS, because Epic are the ones holding ALL the cards as they own the IP. LMAO pissing MS off.

As for the game being unveiled on MS conference it doesnt change the fact that Epic can do whathever the fuck they want with their Ip. Even make it multiplatform, unless of course they've made a new deal with MS.

Genghis2426d ago

You have no idea how this stuff works. Why would Epic make a poor decision to betray the company that put them on the map by not considering the stragetic plan of that company. Maybe they can do whataver they want, but when it comes to business ethics, which you know nothing about, you follow the plan that suits your main interest's ideals.

badz1492425d ago

"Why would Epic make a poor decision to betray the company that put them on the map..."

Dude, u don't know what u're talking about! MS put Epic Games on the map? LOL it's Gears that has put the Xbox brand on the map, not the other way around! Unreal Engine & Unreal Tournaments are what putting Epic on the map way before MS even in the console business! Even without MS, Epic was already racking in those money from their Unreal Engine licensing from left and right! It's the single most used game engine ever!

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Shaka2K62427d ago ShowReplies(2)
Patriots_Pride2427d ago

It can still be a surprise maybe an open world RPG or MMO game, I would shit my pants.

user54670072427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

As much as I like Gears of War I just can't get excited with the thought of a prequel trilogy

I know what happened, I've heard about it in the games and I'm sure if I wanted to know more I could buy the novels that they've brought out

This may seem silly but I like Marcus as a character, for me he was the face of Gears of War like how Nathan Drake is the face of Uncharted and how the Master Chief is the face of Halo, if they do lock him away like the picture suggests then I don't think I could play as another character. Shame they didn't have a Halo 3 Legendary type of ending for Gears 3 showing a new threat, giving Marcus and the gang a chance to rest but giving off the impression that "peace dosen't last for ever".

I mean I wanted to know about Myrrah and how she is human.

VanillaBear2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

Totaly Agree

I just feel with prequel trilogies it's not as exciting because you know what happens in the end. I thought in a secret ending they would of shown some other type of Locust carrying Myrrah away in a ship and then revaling a "King" Locust on board, then zooming out to reveal that a planet next to Sera is the real home planet of the Locust and because the Queen has failed they have to finish a job she couldn't finish herself......I know how bad that idea was but it's just an example

"I mean I wanted to know about Myrrah and how she is human."

This needs to be explained aswell

RedDead2427d ago

AH that woulda been a nice surprise for E3