Demos: How to Increase Trial, Improve Conversion Rate, and Sell More Games

Xbox Live Arcade's worldwide games portfolio planner David Edery has doled out some tips on his blog to help developers make more successful demo versions of their games - something that even the best XBLA titles sometimes foul up.

From his blog on January 15, 2007:

"I've debated writing this article for a long time. My hesitation has stemmed, in part, from the recognition that many people have already beaten this particular horse. At least once a year, I hear an excellent presentation on this subject, usually at a casual games conference (where necessity breeds ingenuity). That said, I believe that many developers and publishers are making mistakes - on many platforms, not just XBLA - which if corrected could improve the sales of their games. So what the heck, I'll jump on the bandwagon and say a few things. Hopefully some of them will actually seem insightful."

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Capt CHAOS4668d ago

That would encourage people to play them to the end, Even just 15 points for completing a demo would suffice.. (btw. That's for the 360 owners)