Doctors are trialling Kinect in keyhole surgery.

Doctors in London are trialling "touchless" technology, often used in TV games, to help them carry out delicate keyhole surgery.

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GribbleGrunger2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

yeah, course they are. they'll probably put the 360 next to the machine that goes 'ping'

is every single article that pertains to touchless controls going to be associated with Kinect from now on? why not associate it with PSeye? or Eyetoy? the connection is so thin that they might as well do that

it's NOT frickin Kinect for goodness sake

Cajun Chicken2329d ago

Actually, it is the Kinect device. I saw it on BBC news earlier today.

LostDjinn2329d ago

That's terrifying. With and accuracy of +/- 4cm I think I'd rather just blindfold the surgeon and ask them to use the force. At least that way I'd be in with a chance of success.

GoldenGamer2329d ago

Yeah, saw it this morning. GribbleGrunger you complete tool.

TheModernKamikaze2329d ago

they used the kinect, read the article.
One of the reasons they don't use keyboard and mouse is because they have to touch non-sterile equipment, thus, kinect.

GribbleGrunger2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

this guy has just been handed the word Kinect and he's unwittingly running with it. it's not Kinect for goodness sake. show me the 360 and Kinect in that picture. this tech has been around for years and years as we PS2 owners can attest. it's making a connection between the tech and Kinect. Kinect is not the tech itself. it has a dumbed down version of what this tech can do if used with a computer

and what's worse is that the headline makes it look like there actually using it in keyhole surgery! i'm not knocking Kinect... just be real

mcstorm2329d ago

GribbleGrunger the PSEye is not the same as Kinect. They work in different ways.

GoldenGamer2329d ago

GribbleGrunger, I saw it on the news this morning. It most certainly did look like a Kinect and they had an interview with a Microsoft employee on the subject...

iamnsuperman2329d ago

loving the reference for the machine that goes ping.

It sounds like it is being used as a photo imagery thing and not the actual surgery which makes sense.

AtomicGerbil2329d ago

Cajun Chicken is correct, it was on the BBC news. The Kinect camera is just below the right hand screen in the picture.

I'd just like to add though that I disagree with using Kinect as there are far cheaper alternatives, considering the state of funding with the NHS.

TheModernKamikaze2329d ago

"But with the Kinect I'm able to get the position that I want quickly - and also without me having to handle non-sterile things like a keyboard or mouse during the procedure." - Article

also Flatbattery is right.

cstyle2329d ago

Somebody's PSeye is near death and eyetoy has already died. This is one of the reasons why primesense went with MS. This is one of the ways they envisioned that their technology would be used one day. This would of never happened with sony because they only wanted to use it with PS. MS shares their vision on how this technology will become the future. of coures a little money to go with it doesn't hurt

AtomicGerbil2329d ago

Why would Sony need to share the PS Eye, it's an inexpensive camera with a microphone array?

If you are going to go nuts at least have a decent argument.

Machioto2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

you can do hand tracking with the pseye.

cstyle2329d ago

lol...thats complete garbage. If it tracked so well they wouldn't need move at all would they? Where are all the ps eye games then? face it dude, kinect isn't perfect but its much better at what it does than the ps eye.

Anon19742329d ago

Not really new. I know in Canada they've been using motion sensing cameras (sometimes Kinect) to do the same thing. It just basically let's them manipulate a camera or switch images on a screen without touching anything. It's not really all that impressive, in my opinion.

Shadonic2329d ago

Gun on the screen to the right there's a kinect right under it that has some sort of attachment so that it can me used on that pipe that holds the screens also you don't need a 360 to use a kinect. If you believe that you do need a 360 to use one then your way out of touch with technology. Theres hundreds of different applications with kinect running on pc ranging from application of clothing to playing skyrim or street fighter with kinect. You need to open your eyes and your mind bruh.

2329d ago
360GamerFG2329d ago

Lol cover up man, your fanboy butthurt is showing

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cervantes992329d ago

At least it's good for something - gaming not being one of them.

In White Goodman voice:
"Just kidding, but not really..."

IWentBrokeForGaming2329d ago

I'd love you to work on my heart with that lag...

Shadonic2329d ago

but what if the doctor makes a wrong move and that lag saves your life because it granted them priceless seconds to stop that previous move. Also the lag really isent that bad ou would have to not be playing and focusing hard on the and the pip screen to notice also lag can be diminished with good enough programing and tweak's.

Studio-YaMi2329d ago

This device is great for non-gaming related subjects,I hate it for gaming but I love it for everything else,this topic included,good job.

modesign2329d ago

so doctors are going to pretend to be operating while operating, inception.