LOVEFiLM Launches HD Streaming on Xbox 360 and PC, PS3 soon to follow.

IGN: Amazon's LOVEFiLM service now streams in 720p on Xbox 360. HD content will also be coming to the PlayStation 3 shortly..

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ieatbabies2334d ago

Wasn't this already already on PS3 along time ago?

TheModernKamikaze2334d ago

Yes but this adds HD streaming rather than standard definition.

stage882334d ago

I'll stick to Netflix with their better catalog, UI and the fact they already have HD streaming on PS3.

mcstorm2334d ago

I agree. Netflix is a lot better than Lovefilm. The picture quality and having full 5.1 sound on Netflix beats Lovefilm in everyway. I just hope Netflix start to get some of the bigger name films that Lovefilm have but if you compare them side by side Netflix is the better package for me and the UI is a lot better.