HD DVD still kickin' with new releases

Down but not out, the beleaguered HD DVD format suddenly has some
product in the pipeline, after studio announcements that had been
slotted for the Consumer Electronics Show were yanked at the last
minute due to the pre-show defection of Warner Home Video to the
Blu-ray Disc camp.

One of the most high-profile HD DVD releases, ironically, will be
from Warner, which won't officially abandon the Toshiba-developed
format until the end of May. The studio Wednesday announced it will
release a two-disc special edition of the action hit "Twister" on
all three home entertainment software formats, with the DVD and
Blu-Ray Disc coming May 6 and the HD DVD edition following May

Orders are due April 1 for the standard DVD and Blu-ray Disc and
April 22 for the HD DVD. Special features include a commentary, an
HBO First Look Special on the making of the film, and a 2003
History Channel special on tornadoes.

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shmee4670d ago

Blu Ray outsold HD DVD 85% : 15% last week thats more than 5:1

freakyzeeky4670d ago

Super-officially pwned :O

BigJeebz084669d ago

Now how can you jump the gun like that!? Didn't you read the article!!! HDUD has the super mega blockbuster hit TWISTER coming out (even though it's been out for 10 years) to save the day!!! lol I just don't know if I would call that movie "product in the pipeline" or "high-profile???"

crunchie1014670d ago

lets hope by the time HD-DVD dies, that Blu-ray profile 2.0 will be here and Blu-ray players will finally have the functionality that HD-DVD had from the beginning.

shmee4670d ago

i wont complain

It is SHOCKING to see HD DVD die so soon . I expected HD DVD to put up a fight for least some months.

BUT i think next week will see the war come to a FULL STOP

LastDance4670d ago

I guarentee you 90% of the users will never even use the profile 2 functionality.

name4670d ago

Hopefully Universal releases American Gangster on blu ray as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.