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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is yet another third person shooter (or a first person shooter at times) in a market oversaturated with the genre. What makes it slightly different, or at least until Black Ops 2 hits, is that it takes place in the not so distant future.

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Ajoyshop2333d ago

8.5? Is that only till Black Ops 2 comes out? :p

WriterWhelp2333d ago

I am personally inclined to give FPS games lower scores purely out of spite. It's like using a cheatsheet in school for the most part, as very few of them actually come up with anything new.

Ajoyshop2333d ago

Well said. It's just recycled games one after another.

Myst2333d ago

True but this one is a third person though ._.

Wikkid6662333d ago

LOL... he doesn't even know the game

beerkeg2333d ago

Some people don't pay attention Myst.

Myst2333d ago

Well may as well let them know Beerkeg :p

manlypile2333d ago

I'm not a FPS fan or a military game fan but this one looks interesting. It has those sweet Harry Potter invisibility cloaks!

Ajoyshop2333d ago

Like Crysis? Now that's original.

Myst2333d ago

"It has those sweet Harry Potter invisibility cloaks!"


Ken222333d ago

*It has those sweet Harry Potter invisibility cloaks*.

Sorry for the bad quality it was the only one i could find xDD.

jeremybtyler2333d ago

I tried playing the beta but was never able to connect. Nothing I saw made me want to rush out and buy the game.

AusRogo2333d ago

The campaign, guerilla mode and co op is all good fun, but the multiplayer is a bit off. Pretty unbalanced too.

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