Army of Two may already be avaliable on Gamefly

A quick check of a Gamefly queue reveals quite the shocker... Army of Two is now available through Gamefly. With photographic evidence!!!

From the article: "Army of Two??? What the Hell??? According to every piece of gaming information at Google's disposal, this game isn't supposed to be out until March 4, 2008…"

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JSA-Gamer4669d ago

I think i may need to update my membership.

JSA-Gamer4669d ago

Someone fell asleep at that wheel .... ROFL>>>

mikeslemonade4669d ago

This is an obvious screw up and the game is a flop anyway. The only reason why I will be renting this game is because there won't be that many games out in March.

DRUDOG4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

So facking what? Slow news morning?!?

I don't know what's more lame: The story or the fact that I actually made a comment for it. Damn, now I'm ashamed...maybe I'll go post about those dumb Russians killing each other over a game.

TooL 3164669d ago

Omg people still use internet explorer?

deeznuts4669d ago

There's something else other than internet explorer?