Sony Details “DanceStar Party Hits”

Sony has just sent over the first details for DanceStar Party Hits, another dancing game from the SingStar crew.

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Emilio_Estevez2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Seems like Sony might be trying to get the smaller games they have to announce out of the way for E3.
4 reveals in the past week already, as far as I know at least.
When Vikings Attack
Dancestar Hits
Sports Champions 2
New Ratchet and Clank

JoGam2332d ago


Just to name a few!

MAJ0R2332d ago

That is... terrible if those the only games they will announce.

sinncross2332d ago


not too long ago, Ratchet Clank HD, LBP Karting, GoW;A, PS battle Royale.
This week: new Ratchet Clank, Sports Champsions 2 and now new DanceStar.

So many games, and nits not even E3

So nice @[email protected]

iamnsuperman2332d ago

These games are always fun especially when pre drinking. Might pick this up if it has the right songs on it

SoapShoes2332d ago

Better make it to the states as Everybody Dance 2!

Titanz2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

"The Wii is riddled with shovelware, it's a crap console!"

"Lmao, Microsoft abandon the core crowd, in favor of Kinect! xD."

I apologise if I included those who have nothing to do with the shovelware damning hypocrisy, but it's clearly evidential that shovelware is also prevalent on the PS3 too.

vividi2332d ago

and a lot of great exclusives with a lot of potencial teah man