RUMOR: Gears of War 2 announced at GDC

Surfer Girl strikes again with yet another rumor. Here is a comment a user made on one of Surfer Girls blog posts.

"ok so theres this little thing called the GDC coming up. What can we expect from the Microsoft Camp?"

Surfer girl replys:

"Something called Gears of War 2, the pack of previously-announced 08 releases and a couple of surprises."

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power of Green 4670d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

Got to call spam on this. Man I wan't to report this. Has this person ever been right?(thats a real question)

EDIT: mikeslemonade, because you won't let it right?. Sence when has the 360 ever been on the "positive end of the news" ???. Its always been attacked !, it just keeps delivering software that tends to cause people to ignor the fud.

You guys always say 360 games won't push hardware all the time, you did it with Gears of War, Halo 3, Mass Effect and now Gow 2(all it has to do is complement the other Monsters sequels and scores of new IP's and huge Multiplatform games along side the price cut).

You know its comming?, no sh*t man! it sold 5 million copies, are suppose to be downplaying the series impact on the market?. lol

ngg123454670d ago

No joke, exactly correct on every piece of information. She has confirmed almost all of her rumors true.

Omegasyde4670d ago


How do you know she/he didn't just read the neogaf post first and then post the info?

Think about it like this...
Q: Why haven't any psychics ever win the lottery?
A: No one ever gets rich off educated guesses.

Its like if surfer "gurl" said there was going to me a remix to virtual fighter 5 and that Halo 4 would come out sometime in 2009.

SRuN44670d ago

you just dont get lucky with the start and possible ending point to a game. let alone the design docs that clearly showed classes. the whole "resistance 2 starts in iceland" isn't some educated guess. if anything you'd picture the next game taking place on mainland europe.

Rybnik4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

I thought she was spam at first too, but I believe that she is likely legit..The resistance 2 story she had all the specific details before anyone had posted that the story would break in the the new Game Informer. Also from this link

she posts several predictions that are not googleable:
mark Ecco/ Human Head partnership?? unnanounced as of yet..
BGAE:2 NO ONE thought it would be made...if this proves true I will be overjoyed!!

So, I'm gonna make a prediction about the 2 08' Unannounced MS exclusives BGAE:2 (or maybe Kameo 2 **less likely***)
Project Offset

Oh, and since we didn't see GeOW2 at CES I'm almost certain her GDC Gears prediction will be true.

After all the Sony news we have seen recently, MS will swing back--I think GDC will surprise some people. I'm looking forward to seeing Alan Wake too (perhaps finally playable??!).

mikeslemonade4669d ago

Gears of War 2 won't bring 360 back to the positive end of the news. We know it's coming and it just caters to the xbox 360 crowd it doesn't expand the audience.

sonarus4669d ago

i have to admit i was once excited for gears of war 2. gears of war 1 was the reason i bought a 360 after all but i have probably overplayed it or maybe i have been lookin at the ps3's side of the spectrum too much my interest has simply declined drastically. I am still looking for that definitive 360 exclusive or 2 that will make me want to keep my 360 instead of sell it for more ps3 games. A strong showing at GDC could change my opinion though. However i expect sony to show off resistance 2 as well and i expect to be blown away by that too. SHould be a fun GDC

mikeslemonade4669d ago

What are you trying to prove power of green? The Halo 3 sales lead to less sales in 2007 than in 2006. And none of the games you listed push the 360 like Gears did. OH WAIT Halo 3 did, but there developers must suck because that game was 640p with bad graphics. The only game that came close to pushing 360 hardware like Gears is Bioshock. The 360 really had no 3rd generation games because it only has two generations which is Kameo and Gears of War. And there's noway Gears of War 2 will sell as much as Gears of War 1 did because everyone just bought that blindly and there's a lot of people that said they bought just because of hype and it isn't their type of game.

drewdrakes4669d ago

mikeslemonade - Mass Effect doesnt count?

captainjy4669d ago

Hey MikesLemonade, log on to the PSN with the other 10 PSN users in the world and drown in your tears of regret for buying that POS. Gears of War pushed hardware and so did Halo 3. Since when did the 360 fall into the negative world of news. The negative world for the 360 is in here because the 360 speaks for itself- 18 million units sold, baby. How many toasters did Sony sell again?

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toughNAME4670d ago

you need 3 years to make a good game

I don't want Epic pulling an Insomniac just for the $$$

poos34670d ago

yup agree insomniac is making rfom which will be full of bugs and flop the time spanof them making that game is a 1year hahahahareleasing it cause sony is forcing them to the game will be so incompete and remeber resistace is a scripted game which is yawn

SRuN44670d ago

gotta love fanboys, resistance 2 started after resistance 1 was on the shelves. nice try though.

Iron Man 24669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

3 years for what?for a game that barely supports 4v4 matches with unbelievable lag?no thanks,I prefer my online matches big(60 people big),and of course lag free

Durffen4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

I had no lag experience with the game at all, for the year i played it. And although i agree 4v4 is quite small, I'm sure they will develop GoW2 to have at the least 6v6, which i can deal with. Some games just aren't made for real big death matches.

mikeslemonade4669d ago

No but Resistance online plays as smooth as it's offline. Every single shot counts. It's not like p2p servers where on your screen you are shooting the target but in reality you're not.

Genuine4669d ago

More people in an online fps doesn't necessarily make a game awesome.

SL1M DADDY4669d ago

Only people that say that are those playing games on Live... Sorry, but more is better especially when they give you the option of going smaller. It's better to have the option to go big or small than to only have a small game at your finger tips. 4v4 in Gears was just plain silly but 30v30 will be insanely fun. Even COD4 with 9v9 makes for a great time and to deny that only makes one look stupid.

Kleptic4669d ago

Epic and Insomniac both have a lot of talented people...Insomniac has launched a competent game nearlye very year for the past decade...and they have more than one group that works, or starts working on different projects simulataneously...

Same with Epic...Ut3 was announced before Gears was even called Gears of War (it was some Unreal spin-off at that point...and was still an fps)...and when Gears development got pushed ahead, they didn't "stop" working on UT3...they just had a large chunk of the company on Gears (probably everyone for the last few weeks before it went Gold), then allocated a ton of people back on UT3...all the while having a smaller group beginning Gears UT3 is out, and depending on what is going on with the 360 version of Ut3...most of the company is probably hard at work with Gears 2...with a small group starting whatever that rumored PS3 exclusive is...

also though...announcing Gears 2 doesn't mean its coming this fall...but I disagree that a quality title always takes 3 years...if Gears uses UE3...a crap load of work is already complete...if they are using already existing engine cuts down big time on game turn around...exactly what happened with Resistance 1 to R&C...

either way...I am very excited to see what Gears 2 has...if it does drop this year...its hardly going to be the PS3 destroying the 360 like everyone has been saying...we will see...

sheng long4669d ago

you're right toughNAME, the very same Epic that waited how long to release UTIII and look at what happened? A lot of people still weren't happy with the results, by your logic maybe they should've waited 6 years to put out twice the product.
Gear of War is my favorite game on 360, but for people to say there is no lag, then you're a fanboy. why do you think is so easy to tell who's hosting the game. I hate hosting games because people get mad at me and end up quitting my games. Gears is all about host advantage, and host advantage is nothing but lack of lag.

The_Engineer4669d ago

it was only a matter of time before the [email protected] started attacking Insomniac as a "rush" developer. Truth is you [email protected] are jealous Sony has a dev like them who make all 360 exclusive devs look like 1st year out of school retards.

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Omegasyde4670d ago

Next thing she will say is that there will be a sequel to mortal kombat and virtual fighter 6....

Durffen4670d ago

She said there was a stage editor, about 3 weeks before it was announced.

Omegasyde4670d ago

There were talking about that in Neogaf forums and I think 1up boards as well before the announcement.

power of Green 4670d ago

Either one of my rabid "Enemies" dissagreed with me or I pissed off a loyal GEars fan lol. My bad.