8bitfix Review - Dragon's Dogma (360)

I had no interest whatsoever in Dragon's Dogma until it was announced that a demo for Resident Evil 6 would be included with early copies of the game. It then immediately popped up on my radar, but I never really took it seriously. It wasn't until a friend played it at PAX and told me how excited they were about it that I took a second look. It was when I noticed the game reminded me of Dark Souls(my personal Game of The Year for 2011) that I pre-ordered the game.

While I went into this game with reasonably high expectations, I didn't feel like I was setting myself up for disappointment. I knew it obviously wasn't going to be as special to me as Dark Souls, but I still expected it to be a fun, story-driven, dungeon-crawling action RPG with dragons. I was only half wrong. - Scott "Mountain_Duwe" Duwe

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