Seven worst CGI or live-action game trailers

OXM UK: "Gameplay footage is for wimps."

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DA_SHREDDER2331d ago

Microsoft and game footage a.k.a CGI go hand in hand. Ironic considering this is an xbox mag. lol

dirigiblebill2331d ago


CustardTrout2331d ago

Basically listed my favourite trailers but okay.
Although, they are usually over hyped because they make it look better, it's called marketing.

CustardTrout2331d ago

"Yes, we rip you off. We're going to tell you so. While we're at it get on your hands and knees, daddy has a treat for you."

iamnsuperman2331d ago

I can't stand CGI trailers. They are so false.

Hufandpuf2331d ago

But so EPIC. Blizzard has by far the best CGI trailers. An Prey 2's trailer? Amazing!

pandehz2331d ago

Umm you're comparing the trailer to the actual game.

Please re-write the title.

The trailers itself are pretty solid

DeadIIIRed2331d ago

Say what you will about the Halo series, but the live action trailers are awesome.