Sony: Consumers more likely to buy if a game is both digital AND boxed

Platform holder Sony claims the growing appetite for digital content is helping grow the sales of ‘full console’ games.

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brettyd2330d ago

Consumers are more likely to buy a game if it's marketed correctly, Sony.

Uncharted2Vet2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

exactly!!! thank you

FarEastOrient2330d ago

Just like those Steam sales, more gaming at a lower price.

ApolloAdams2330d ago

Exactly!! Who cares if you have all these exclusives. They don't market them and they perform well under the competition.

DEATHSTROKE-cro-2330d ago

who cares ? I care.
I don't want a console (X360) that has no exclusives and no new IP's.
Sucker Punch,Media Molecule,Naughty Dog,Guerrilla Games,Ready At Dawn (guys who made God Of War on PSP), Quantic Dream, Santa Monica...
they all have new IP's in development

GraveLord2330d ago

Unfortunately, no amount of marketing will get those Xbots to stop playing Halo and Gears.

Honest_gamer2330d ago

im more likely to buy a game if i get all version of said game, I.E if i guy cod i want the ps3, xbox and pc versions but this will never happen, i'd be even more happy if sony and microsoft worked together, sony do the hard ware, ms do the software would be better for everyone games could be lowerd since published dont have to spend as much to make diffrent versions (tho they wont lower the price they will find a reason to increase it) and i could save money by not having to get both the ps4 and the next xbox lol

Baka-akaB2330d ago

Id settle instead for crossplatform server for genres and games that actually need it .

In this day and online age , it would make sense to finally have everyone being able to play together if they share the same version of a multiplayer game .

And it's up to publishers to kinda force that idea and make sony and ms (and nintendo) to at least in a few instances broker deals .

Plenty people were turned off having to divide their sight onto two platform and 2 sets of arcade sticks and pads for fighting games .

Honest_gamer2330d ago

i really think it should just be one platform, however i also don't see why the xbox, ps3 and pc players of cod cant play together the ps3 and pc can do it as demonstrated on a few games, and i think the xbox and pc can also do it (Shadow Run) now why cant they not just do it between all 3, even more so when you have dedicated server games, however im sure sony said they would be up to it but microsoft said something about how it's not fair for there customers to be paying and get to play with people who aren't (again not 100% sure on this, it was a year or 2 ago i read the article)

Kyosuke_Sanada2330d ago

Gaming would be a far better hobby if your concept came to fruition. However companies makes too much money from fueling the "CUNSOOL WERZ!!!" and there are way too many keyboard warriors who play as virtual zealots for the console they love best instead of pushing companies to unify and take gaming to a new plateau......

Honest_gamer2330d ago

i agree, however for the regular "hardcore" gamer i really couldnt care less about how much companies make i just want to play games lol

MissAubrey2330d ago

I think sony making your digital purchases span across the platforms Is making people adopt Digital distribution more.

I love the fact that I bought a game on my PS3 and Im able to play it on my psp and vita as well.(although there are some that dont appear downloadable on vita... wussup with that sony?)

Fishy Fingers2330d ago

Sony teaming up with Captain Obvious to bring you this pearl of wisdom.

DJLB21152330d ago

man IDGAF about all that, but if sony wants sales, what you do is offer a bundle package where u can get the ps3 and vita versions of a game. you choose if u want physical or digital, but u can get both versions of game if applicable

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