Industry veteran Mark Haigh-Hutchinson dies at age 43

Retro Studios programmer Mark Haigh-Hutchinson died yesterday afternoon after a fight against pancreatic cancer. He was 43. Mark was part of the videogames industry for over a decade, and played a large role in many gamers' favorite games. He was a programmer on Paperboy, Rebel Assault, Dark Forces, Rogue Squadron, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and recently senior engineer on the Metroid Prime trilogy, and was responsible for the camera and player controls.

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Jdash244670d ago

my condolences to his family

cancer is always a tragedy......i hope they find a cure one day

Tarmgar4669d ago

Yes, indeed. RIP and condolences to his family. Cancer is such a b!tch. A cure needs to be found. And death to whoever disagreed with you.

Snoozer2824670d ago

May he RIP, far too young.

The Wood4670d ago

is mistaken. wtf (maybe i just dont understand)

mighty_douche4670d ago

Personally i havent heard of him. But 43 is far to young, RIP and my condolences.

GodsHand4669d ago

Same here, but just seeing his resume on games he had a hand in. Talent taken away to soon.

I love Paper Boy on NES.

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