New Hitman trailer - Is this really what gamers want? -

The new Hitman trailer has dropped but Trey questions the content. Is this level of violence and sexualisation what gamers really want? Even more important, is this what game marketers THINK we want?

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CustardTrout2335d ago

Nice little read, but the game market thinks we want cloud gaming and freemium!

ATi_Elite2334d ago

Whoa! Killer Nuns, Hot chicks, Guns, skin tight outfits!

YES this is what THIS GAMER WANTS!

(for those who were offended there's an App for that, it's called go play Pac man)

FinaLXiii2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

I love that trailer cause it clearly gives out the classy and agressive side of the hitman series.
I thank Square Enix for not toning it down instead.

Almost looks like a rammstein music clip btw.

OmegaSlayer2335d ago

Totally despite violence, even fictional, on women.
This trailer totally set me off.

BlmThug2335d ago

Sexist much. What makes violence on men fine but violence on women despicable?

OmegaSlayer2335d ago

Did you really used the word sexist?
The trailer is sexist if something...not me.
I would never punch/slap a girl, I think it's pretty lame, only scum and dbags do it.

Drazz2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )


What if the girl was about to shoot u with an automatic weapon, would u harm her then? Or would u continue to see her as weaker than you?

raWfodog2334d ago

No real man would ever punch/slap a girl for no reason but I think a smart/sane man would knock her block off if she were trying to kill him like these 'nuns' were doing.

jamesgtaiv2334d ago

Omegaslayer: "Only scum and dbags hit women"


I don't want to live on this planet anymore

reznik_zerosum2334d ago

women are equal to man, shooting 9999 nazi or 9999 women in game is same for me.violence is what we are and what makes world go around,but let mediocrities dream.

FinaLXiii2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

@OmegaSlayer You dont see many movies do you?

its just fiction have fun with it its not politics were talking about.

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wallis2335d ago

Didn't like it. Hitman was about giving you a problem and letting you solve it. The joy was in perfect executions and if not then at least a half arsed sense of winging it. What I never felt about hitman was violence, explosions and sex. It tells me they don't know their target audience and that's concerning.

Not as concerning as the fact that they might be right. People respond to this crap and that's scary enough. Does anyone remember "beautifully executed"? That's a controversial advert that also captured the essence of hitman. See that's the difference between then and now - single bullet through a pillow vs. exploding hotels, sexy nuns, machine guns and violent headbutts. I'm not saying I don't like violence I'm just saying hitman already had a thing going on and it was not this whole revenge story crap with violent hand to hand combat. The movie had that and does anyone else remember how well that turned out?

God damn it hitman to me means poisoning donuts. Far removed from stormy angsty nights with rpgs and uzis.

raWfodog2334d ago

True, that's what Hitman was originally but now he's on the run and has professionally trained assassins on his tail. They aren't going to eat the poisoned donuts :)

Besides, it did show him sneaking up behind them one-by-one until he went full hell on them. Assassins get the job done by any means necessary.

SuperLupe2335d ago

I liked it and i'm a long time hitman fan

Captain Qwark 92335d ago


i thought it was bad ass and couldnt care less he was punching sexy chicks in the face lol. its a videogame.

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