Should Zelda Wii U Have More RPG Elements?

ZI writes: The Legend of Zelda has always based its roots as an action-adventure title. With Skyward Sword, just about every one of us was giddy to learn of the item upgrade feature. It was new to the series, since often the player simply finds a better and stronger item to replace a limited one. Link also no longer had an unlimited inventory, and it made me make a choice in either carrying bottles or more medals. What you carried with you affected your gameplay. These RPG elements really gave Skyward Sword points for giving something new to the series, and quite honestly I think a little bit more wouldn’t hurt.

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Titanz2334d ago

But the Next LOZ, needs to be an open world Monster Hunter title. Not a blatant carbon copy, but certain similarities. Like for instance; hunting for food, gathering materials to craft items, and emphasize on the user practicing his/her swordplay, so they may be rewarded with new moves and devastating attacks.

They already have the crafting/upgrading part down (evidence of it in SS), they now just need to focus on expanding on it.

Jirachi2333d ago

I don't know if t has to be an rpg but i really hope the next zelda game stays true to the exploration aspect games where you anchored to your travel method might have some exploration but the games were your more free have better exploration imo(anything but ww,ph,st,and ss) Though ss did add puzzles outside of dugeons something not many zelda games do that's a pretty great idea now if only we could that kinda exploration while flying.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2333d ago

IMO LoZ:SS is Perfect Zelda- It reminds of the 1st Zelda title on NES.
Unlike the old Zelda they have a great Story and Characters woven in.

(I wish the Next Metroid is the same way. Part Prime and part what they attempted in Other M. Hopefully, the story is told through interaction, dialogue trees, and less cut-scenes).

They should add in new things to shake-up the formula and to represent the New Zelda World.
Zelda 2 had RPG elements to it so it might work.

linkenski2333d ago

I just want a big open and varied world. And not like in TP or MM where it was basically empty except for hundreds of enemies. I really hope nintendo will be able to surprise us like they did when OoT came out. To do that all we need is a world that feels like it's alive, an EPIC final boss with music that gives that feeling of "this is the final hour!" and dangers that lurk at night. Oh, and creepy dungeons! I recently played OoT and the forest and fire temple creeps me out! especially with the eerie music.

I just hope nintendo would leave the "Zelda should be for everyone" to their handhelds.