Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition Also Coming to Steam

Yup, Namco has confirmed that Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition, originally manacled to Microsoft's Games for Windows Live, will be also be available for download on Valve's digital platform beginning on August 24.

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Uncharted2Vet3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

Now Everyone Can Be Happy - No More Complaining

- Console people get the new content as DLC check
- PC gamers get the game in general check
- Steam & GFWL are both supported on PC check

tallkidoPL3897d ago

That dlc on console should be free just like when witcher 2 come out on 360,pc got dlc/patch for free

Uncharted2Vet3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

well its not free and i have no problem with that because these devs made what i consider a complete game and we as fans asked for content and they gave it to us. so when this DLC comes out i'm buying this day 1 cause the devs deserve it. From Software out of all of the devs out there actually know how to release a complete package and do DLC the right way. which is rare nowadays in this industry.

ravinash3896d ago

Oh man...I've already spent 150 + hours playing this game and am on my 2nd play through.
Looks like it will be taking up even more of my time.

Mariusmssj3896d ago

Only CDPR pull off these kind of things other companies don't really believe in free DLC

fermcr3896d ago

"Now Everyone Can Be Happy - No More Complaining"

Don't worry. When released, there are people that are going to complain that the game is too hard.

Crystallish3896d ago

yeah, plus people will cry over this game not looking as shiny as Battlefield 3, totally ignoring the fact that this is a goddamn PORT (which is what they asked for and should be happy about, imo) of a Game, that was released a Year ago on pretty old hardware.

ferelinstincts3896d ago

Complain that the game is too hard? Have you played Inferno mode on Diablo 3? Dark Souls doesn't hold a candle to that game in terms of difficulty!

h311rais3r3896d ago

Yea ds isn't THAT hard. It's just pay attention and know when to and not to attack. Ds is all about learning.

aliengmr3896d ago

Being sold on Steam doesn't mean it won't still have GFWL. M$ isn't going to rely just on their own service, they use Steam for their PC games as well.

Also, its not a matter of not supporting Steam but the fact that GFWL is a horrible service.

kevnb3896d ago

right on, now i dont have to worry about my gamesaves getting eaten.

Ramas3896d ago

was it confirmed that we get dlc on consoles? never seen it.

Apocwhen3896d ago

Just because a game is on Steam does not mean it still doesn't use GFWL. Look at Batman AA and the Dirt games.

The original article even states it still doesn't know if it will be using GFWL under Steam or not.