Vita Price Drop at E3

Sony plan to announce a new retail selling point for the PS Vita at E3.

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Snookies122428d ago

I was seriously doubting they'd do this, as the system is definitely worth the price they've already got it at. Though if it helps sell more, I'm cool with that.

gaffyh2428d ago

I really doubt this story, because firstly, where's the email(s)? And secondly, £80 is a ridiculous amount to cut price by after only 3 months. Unless they've got manufacturing costs down significantly, I just cannot see that happening at all.

jujubee882428d ago

Whoever said the VITA costs a lot to produce in the first place?

jujubee882427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

To paraphrase Kaz, 'Sony aims to make a profit on the PlayStation Vita in three years'.

That could include plans for anything VITA related. Perhaps, Sony has some plans that the public audience has not heard of and that will be kept secret until year three, when the dust has settled and they are no longer in the red.

p.s. I meant to say, bill of materials for VITA may not be costing Sony profit since the bill of materials for VITA has never been confirmed by Sony reps to be losing them money directly.

360GamerFG2428d ago

Hehehehe. . .where are all those "Sony is not Nintendo" naysayers now? Vita is selling WAY less than 3DS was at the same price. This was bound to happen.

ksense2428d ago

i highly doubt they r gonna drop the price 3 months of release faster than nintendo. this article is just bs fishing for hits. there will be bundles but no price cut imo.

ronin4life2428d ago

I find the article suspicious too.
It just feels... off. ^_^;

Unexpecta2428d ago

There won't be a price cut announced for the PSVita at E3.

If anything, the PSVita will have a price drop in the holidays at the very earliest.

Cocozero2428d ago

I doubt this will help it sell, what they need are AAA games built from the ground up for Vita and not ports.

ThePsychoGamer2428d ago

I wonder how Nintendo will respond, one things for sure, this handheld generation is getting interesting fast.

Grimhammer002428d ago

Honestly, I'm a Sony fanboy. I love my ps3.
I play massive amounts of games.

And I can honestly say - please, Sony....abandon the handheld market. Stop hemorraging cash.
Let Nintendo fight the cellphone/tablet market...they will lose.

Sanquine902428d ago

Disagree ,They will lose everything than. I mean no one will ever buy something. I for instance bought the vita<3 i love it. If sony stop supporting i will never ever buy a product of them again. Fighthing the cellphone market? DUFUQ? A mario always wins of a stupid agry bird game.

If you where a sony fanboy you had a vita!..

Chicago85062428d ago

I have no idea y u wouldn't want variety...

Do u realize friend that PS Vita IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST HANDHELD ever developed?
And it would float your boat for Sony to abandon it?
U can't b serious.

Believe it or not, despite your wishes, many ppl welcome "evolution."
Checkout the sales of PSP.

M not knocking your opinion, but to me it just sounded kinda CRAZY!
Game on.

Sanquine902428d ago

Thank you! YOu have made my day sir!

vickers5002428d ago

"Do u realize friend that PS Vita IS THE ABSOLUTE *MOST POWERFUL AND FULLY FEATURED HANDHELD* ever developed?"


Vita seems pretty cool right now, but it doesn't have the amount of AAA games it needs to become the "best handheld ever" just quite yet. Give it a few years though, and it definitely has that possibility.

Yumi-Yumi4urTummy2428d ago

Well, I respect your opinion and enthusiasm, but apparently, its not the BEST HANDHELD. Just because you had it that doesn't make it great.

Who sounds crazy, now!☺

Baka-akaB2428d ago

The vita is the only time they were losing money over it , and it's early . While "we" obsessed over the DS overpowering the psp or vice versa , in the end , both company were able to coexist and make a killing .

of course any of the two company's driving force and execs will be thrilled and flattered to be beating the rival , but at the end of the day , money talks , amking the psp being overshadowed not so important

BubloZX2428d ago

They aren't losing money off the vita is sold. Yes the vita is in the red but that's because of the initial investment for the vita. Production cost are extremely low. The 3g vita as of launch cost 259.10 to produce. And they do bring in about $30-40 per vita sold. So in about 2-4 years if vita continues to sell at this price it will be in the green.

ksense2428d ago

wow relax dude. they are making a lot of money with the psp and its software in japan atleast. i am pretty sure once they release some quality software they will start turning a profit on vita as well in a couple of years. yes the market may be smaller this time around with the iphone/android competition. unlike the psp this has some good word about the device itself and the main problem people have is not enough quality software yet and imo it will do really well in the long term.

Redempteur2428d ago


the handleld market is making them money and you want them to abandon it ?

joeorc2427d ago

"And I can honestly say - please, Sony....abandon the handheld market. Stop hemorraging cash.
Let Nintendo fight the cellphone/tablet market...they will lose."

ARE you freaking out of your Mind?

you must be.


Sony Ericsson posts Q3 2011 results. 22 million Xperia phones shipped to date

yea just leave all those playstation Suite investment $$$ selling Software 1st party and 3rd Party and Indie developed games to sell on Android Smartphones and Tablets. All the while putting those games also on the PSVita. yea let's just drop the 8.7 million Smartphones sold per sales Quarter that they could Sell playstation software on and just Hand the mobile games market over to Nintendo by defacto?

Get the hell out of here with that diatribe

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