Dead Space 3 screenshots suggest co-op, but is this a good addition for the series?

Will the inclusion of co-op destroy the survival horror element of Dead Space 3, or will having a second character around finally give Isaac someone to talk to when he's knee-deep in Necromorphs? Jack Bromley investigates.

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CustardTrout2359d ago

I'm wondering this, it's taking a new direction.

Baka-akaB2358d ago

Not feeling it at all . But as long as the single player isnt some forced coop BS like Resident evil 5 , why not .

floetry1012358d ago

In addition, I didn't feel that Dead Space 2 was scary at all. In fact, I'd go so far as to call it an action game. It looks like the third title is going in that direction as well, and if their intention was to make a horror game, then they've lost the plot.

Kingscorpion19812358d ago

Dead Space was always considered an action horror game in the first place... Even though it had a few survival elements in the first game It wasn't never suppose to be a survival horror

Agent_00_Revan2358d ago

I'm hoping its only a separate mode. What's scary about playing with someone else right there with you?

Extraction was coop, but I still preferred playing it alone.

dirthurts2358d ago

Well, I had a feeling it would go this way.
Should still be good, as the developers have yet to disappoint.
I'm just hoping there is either a single player only campaign, or a separate campaign campaign for co-op.
I don't want another character stuck to my hip if I don't want...

Kamikaze1352358d ago

It was only a matter of time before EA ruined the series, guys.

wallis2358d ago

It's a bit early but I suspect EA aren't satisfied until they've violated every franchise they have.

JackBrommers2358d ago

You've got to remember, it's Visceral developing this game, EA are only the publishers. Sure, EA likely pushed to have co-op, like they probably pushed for multiplayer in Dead Space 2 just as a way to include their online pass in the box. But Visceral, even unwillingly, will be developing co-op to go with this game, have faith in them.


Why do everyone started to make judgments??
the game is not offically announced..
we only got leaks and a countdown on website
so why dont everyone chill and wait for EA's press at E3 for the trailer.

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The story is too old to be commented.