Review: TERA - Game-Smack Ireland

With the king of MMO’s subscribers dropping off in their droves, many developers have decided to take advantage of this by releasing an MMO of their own. This year alone sees some of the most anticipated games to come out be Massively Multiplayer Online games. So what must be done to crown to new kings of the MMO genre. We’ve seen some developers take a stab at it, making games with the same fundamental mechanics that made WoW such an evolution of the genre. TERA takes some risks with trying to re-invent the genre is some keys ways while staying familiar and the result is an MMO that succeeds for the most part but has some unfortunate design choices.

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Planet92426d ago

Pretty positive review there, but what did you think of some of the riskier aesthetic choices? Can't say I'm entirely comfortable with the Elin...

Still, I can ignore it easily enough.