Minecraft Snapshot 12w22a Released - Trip Wire, Pause, Adventure Mode, Better Trading

Accelerated Ideas writes: Another of the beefy Minecraft 1.3 snapshots is here. You can now download snapshot 12w22a and get your hands on some of the excellent improvements from Jeb and the rest of the Minecraft team. This snapshot contains updated trading, rebalanced enchantment system and a new redstone activating block - trip wire!!

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N4GGamer2426d ago

This trip wire is gonna be good!! ;)

ardivt2426d ago

I am kind of disappointed with the progress of the development of the game. there are many brilliant mods with tons of content and many ideas could be integrated in the full game (aerial vehicles, mineral oil, "real" power, flying islands). even if some of the stuff is coming, it takes much too long.
mojang makes millions with the game and the only one developing the game is jeb? they even could sell this stuff as DLC. they just need to start working on it :/

devon19982425d ago

no ardivt dont give them any DLC ideas

CL11382419d ago

hey ardvit, why dont YOU try making a game and then do a major update in one day. you should wait like EVERYONE else or complain to mojang

so there!

CL11382419d ago

and seriously dont give dlc ideas, that is a bad idea