‘Fez’ Has Sold More Than 100,000 Copies On XBLA

Arguably this year’s most anticipated indie title, and last year’s…and the year before, Polytron has confirmed that their puzzle platformer, Fez, has reached the 100,000 sales mark on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

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ThatDamnGeordie2332d ago

Happy for them, pretty good puzzler, i loved how the game plays with the whole level rotation views and the music is also pretty entertaining.

Chuk52332d ago

2012: The year of the downloadable games, and the rise of free to play.

AgreeFairy2332d ago

I'm sure it did. What other games was it competing with? A Kinect game or a Kinect game?

M1chl2332d ago

Trials Evolution and Minecraft for instance...

Jazz41082332d ago

What Kinect games are you talking about? I have not seen any kinect games on arcade in a long tme. Ms has been releasing a quality arcade game every week four times a month and is continuing the summer of arcade. Tons of good games coming every week from MGS. Now Sony on the other hand has had one game released that's been any good and that's journey. The two services don't compete much because Microsoft has games on arcade and psn has hardly any games being released especially on a weekly basis.

fermcr2332d ago

In a couple of days i'm going to purchase my copy.

Kyosuke_Sanada2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

The dude says "Gamers are the worst f%$#@ing people" and correct if I wrong never once apologized. Then what do we do, reward him with sales. Way to have pride gamers.....

Patriots_Pride2332d ago

He tells the truth.

Gamers are a bunch of spoiled little brats that have a fizzy over ever little thing.

Kyosuke_Sanada2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Even if that was the truth, that's still now way to treat your customers. Part of being a professional game developer is being able to bite the bullet regardless of how you are being treated.

You think if he was part of any other industry and said something as immature as that on camera that his higher ups wouldn't make him step down or chances are would lose his job. Crud like this is what feed mass media flames to ridicule gaming and never take it seriously......

Hicken2332d ago

Gamers are the ones writing his damn check. Tell me you'd talk to your boss that way, knowing it's up to him to allow you to put food on the table.

I find myself amazed that so many of you have utterly forgotten that developers should be catering to what WE want; if we have a fizzy(whatever the hell that is) over something, then developers need to take notes.

What they DON'T need to do is bite the hand that feeds them.

And that hand DOESN'T need to supply treats to the pet that bit it. That's just stupid. You're not stupid, are you? No, I think not. Misguided, perhaps.

Patriots_Pride2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

@KYOSUKE and Hicken - Dont get me wrong I all for we gamers come first and with out us the developers dont eat but that works both ways with out the developers we wont get our enjoyment.

Call of Duty is a perfect example of gamers needing to stand up to Activision and say look update your game and engine or we wont buy your games but gamers continue to buy the game so we keep getting shit.

On the other hand Deveil May Cry 4 is a perfect example of gamers acting like babies becuse the developer wanted to change Dante gamers are having a fit and also the Mass Effect 3 ending was not called for yes it was not a great ending but it was not that bad either.

Another example of gamer acting spoiled is Metal Gear Raising....SMH at gamers...give the game a try before you crucify it with Kojima is not part of the game, its a spin off, its hack n slash, no stealth......

Kyosuke_Sanada2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

Well I do agree with some of your complaints, it's still the game developers themselves to blame for the huge amount of complaints this generation due to:

- Using the general gaming public as quality testers instead of paying a dedicated team to make sure a title is up to scratch before release.

- The huge amounts of unnecessary reboots befalling to well known series instead of true remakes or sequels that enhance the identity of the game.

- I do agree on the spinoff argument for Metal Gear Rising because I am looking forward to it as well. People are worried though that the spinoff sales may influence what is translated into the next Metal Gear installment which is highly improbable in Kojima's case but after witnessing the transformation of Resident Evil, gamers are naturally worried.

There are other factors I can touch on too but in the end if you are are trying to sell on a worldwide scale expect a worldwide bag of complaints. Developer's jobs is to sift through the anger to find a balance in reinforcing their fanbase and making their title appeal to a new customers.

Unfortunately, so many have over accommodated to the latter which screws over the company in the long run. It's the reason why so many gaming studios are closing left and right as we speak.......

Hicken2331d ago

Call of Duty DOES need to change. I agree with that wholeheartedly. And the only ones who can incite that change are gamers. The problem there is that the majority of the people who play it are not gamers in the traditional sense(traditional being people that care about the gaming industry as more than just a form of entertainment).

I disagree with DmC and Mass Effect. The former is a radical and unwanted change from everything that made the series iconic. The atmosphere, the gameplay, and the main character are all radical departures from the established franchise, and these things are what made the game so loved.

Mass Effect's ending was poor, especially by the standards of the rest of the series. And given that the ending provided to gamers wasn't even the ending originally planned(according to the leaked script), I think people who have put so much time and money into the series deserve to be upset at the shoddily executed ending.

Rising I agree with, however: it's not a main title, but a spinoff and should be treated as such. I can understand the fear that Kyousuke points out, but I think it's overreacting.

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