Gamepro Feature: Jaffe talks new Twisted Metal, God of War 3 story, next PS3 game

GamePro speaks with Eat Sleep Play co-founders David Jaffe and Scott Campbell about a variety of topics: Twisted Metal, God of War 3 story possibilities, and a hint at the studio's unannounced PS3 game.

Some of the interview below:

GamePro: David, do you see yourself having any kind of input on God of War 3?

Jaffe: I knew where God of War 3 would end halfway into development of the first game. Five months before I left Sony, I wrote what I consider to be a fantastic story for God of War 3 - seriously, it is awesome.

GamePro: Let's play a little game. You guys tell me which you prefer...Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4?

Jaffe: Call of Duty 4.

Campbell: [pause] Halo.

GP: Devil May Cry 3 or God of War II?

Jaffe: God of War II.

Campbell: God of War II.

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LightningPS34665d ago

People are still waiting for a single killer app to buy the poor PS3.

LeonSKennedy4Life4665d ago

Uncharted, RFOM, R&C???

Are you drunk?

Razzy4665d ago

Someone needs to shut up but it ain't the Game makers.

Cwalat4665d ago

still commenting about "lack" of games ?
omg u need to drop dead!

Skerj4665d ago

"Jaffe: Well...When I first mentioned that, those f***ing fanboys came out of the motherf***ing woodwork on my message boards. I wasn't trying to be a jerk -- I guess the fanboys were thinking 'No, I don't want Microsoft or Sony or whoever to be the winner.' But it's so not about being a fanboy."

It's in reference to the one console future, I laughed so hard at that.

Cyrus3654665d ago

LOL I was laughing at that one too..hahaha...

LeonSKennedy4Life4665d ago

They picked GoWII over Devil May Cry 3. I love God of War II, but DMC3 is just so much better! The storyline, the tight gameplay, the enemies, the AI, the combos... just outclasses GOW in every aspect!

Rattles4665d ago

we wouldint be fighting over which console is better, we would be fighting over which game is.

name4665d ago

And who exactly would control this one console future? Some people prefer the business of certain companies and dislike the practices of others. I don't like the idea of any company having THAT much control over the video gaming industry.

It would make developers happy because yay more money for them, it would make software cheaper and maybe even hardware, again WHO exactly is running everything? If they start making it so it's like a computer, built in many ways, but all compatible with one format, do you honestly think it'll work? Basically what everyone is asking for is PC gaming. The 1 console utopia jaffe is talking about is in PC gaming.

Rybnik4665d ago

Yeah, sort of....More like a PC with no major system hog OS or extraneous apps to run. While it is an interesting idea, I do think that the cons outweigh the I think there are just too may variables to account for that, it would get really messy.

Maybe the 1 console future would be viable if true photo real graphical capability existed. In this hypothetical scenario, one company really could no longer 1-up another one due to the tech reaching a true common denominator...

Cyrus3654665d ago

Yeah it'd be like PC, but 1 OS type, with unified GPU/Specs, other than the extra stuff like HDD, usb ports, etc.

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