Gaikai emerges as Sony acquisition frontrunner

The signs are pointing to an acquisition of Gaikai at the hands of Sony.

Yesterday MCV exclusively revealed that Sony was on the cusp of purchasing a high profile cloud gaming firm, thought to be either Gaikai or OnLive.

Now this morning Gaikai has sent out invitations to journalists for what it is heralding as a game-changing announcement.

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DaThreats2334d ago

Next-gen gaming coming to Playstation
Didn't I tell you on the other article?
Cloud Gaming with Cloud Saves!
Oh yeah! ;D

miyamoto2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

And every doomsayer says Sony has nothing lest to lose, right Android 16?

Gaikai has some major announcements in store for E3

sikbeta2334d ago

No Ericsson, just their share from the Sony-Ericcson Joint


This may be the answer to BC now that AMD is making the PS4 (APU+GPU), PS1+PS2+PSN and probably PS3 games (a couple of years later because right now don't see it happening) streaming to the console with no physical copies and no need for additional HW like add-ons (Sony pantented Cell based BC add-on) or integrated in the console, like the CPU+GPU of the PS2 in the fat PS3 models

darthv722334d ago

does this imply that MS could acquire onlive to be competitive?

I think it has been rumored they are working on some cloud something or other. Not to mention onlive was rumored to be working to bring their service to consoles.

Akuma-2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

Playstation is the future and the future is playstation. That statement is true but short sighted sheep won't see it because they can't see past their nose.

Sony is on track to be a force that no other game company can match or compete with. With their many exclusives and quality titles they will dominate the future when it comes to having plethora of software spanning all sorts of genre. With the acquisition of a cloud base streaming company its another sequence of events that will aid Sony's dominance.

Imagine all playstation games from ps1, ps2, psp, ps3 ,ps minis you're able to play on vita. The success now and the future of playstation wont rely on gimmicks or selling shoddy hardware and software for a premium but about selling quality hardware and software that's worth it

The future is playstation.

LightofDarkness2334d ago

I hope they give you money for uttering asinine marketing slogans like that.

Baka-akaB2334d ago

well the sad thing is that usually that kind of evengelist , whatever their side , is giving money instead .

TekoIie2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

No need to be so one sided brah...

"Imagine all playstation games from ps1, ps2, psp, ps3 ,ps minis you're able to play on vita. The success now and the future of playstation wont rely on gimmicks or selling shoddy hardware and software for a premium but about selling quality hardware and software that's worth it".

Just say you don't like the Xbox 360 and save yourself some time lol.

iamnsuperman2334d ago

I am looking forward to this as well. However, how does this work with exclusives. Surely PS3 owners wouldn't be able to play games like Splinter Cell Conviction. It doesn't sound right.

Either way it is a good business decision for Sony to buy a cloud gaming based company and work on it. Since the TV and portable music player division are not doing so well it is nice to see them still building on the Sony brand

Thatguy-3102334d ago

Just throwing it out there. Who wants to bet that this cloud gaming will be the reason that Sony patent the In-game adverstaising. its fun putting the information you are given together.

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THC CELL2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

looks like sony has done it again and look spinter cell is on there lol another exclusive loss for xbox
and witcher 2 hmm i wonder if they will update for trophies
and vita games

i also wonder if we will see ps3 games on there

onlive are staying silent too is it possible sony is buying both?

DeadlyFire2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

OnLive doesn't want to say anything, but its most likely partner might be Nintendo. Its likely all three have a cloud partner or will at some point. I suspect. Nintendo has the most to gain with cloud partner.

As OTOY has been demoed with X360 controllers. So its possible already aligned with Microsoft likely announcement would wait until next Xbox announcement which is very likely E3 2013.

DigitalRaptor2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

I'm thinking this will pave the way as an alternative method to play games on PS3, Vita and PS4. Got a strong feeling that whatever they do will be a console game changer. Maybe they'll be working with the people at Gaikai to incorporate trophies through streaming and who knows if they'll add trophies to streamed PC games.

With this, Microsoft would have to seriously up their ante. Third party "console exclusives" would no longer be all that relevant. First party or nothing. There you have it. The true value of exclusives revealed.

Sony is edging closer and closer to that E3 "win".

TekoIie2334d ago

Your pouncing a bit to quick lol. Ps3 owners will love SC:C if it does happen though! Really good game :)

FinaLXiii2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

Hopefully this will save alot of HDD space when buying games from PSN.

Raf1k12334d ago

Not only that but this will allow us to play previous Playstation games on future consoles. No need for sony to go through the headache of making future tech backwards compatible.

Sevir2334d ago

really to play games of yesteryear! With aquiring a cloud based company! We can gaurantee that The Next Playstation will instantaneously have the biggest back catalog of any console if they are up to diversifying their current offerings! I'm excited! Sony's PS brand is about to be a huge platform for everone

Les-Grossman2334d ago

I would use this for DC Universe Online. But not for Single Player games

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