Chart Toppers: Mass Effect Pulls Gamers into its Galaxy

GameDaily writes:

It's no Halo, but for a new IP in the RPG genre, Mass Effect's sales were truly outstanding this holiday season. We speak with Microsoft about the keys to the game's success.

Mass Appeal

According to the NPD, Mass Effect sold 473,000 copies during its debut month of November. This made it the third best selling game on the 360 and the sixth best selling title overall. Microsoft confirmed this past December that Mass Effect had already sold over 1 million copies worldwide.

Will EA affect Mass Effect massively?

With BioWare now officially a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, it is unknown if this Microsoft published title will suddenly be going multiplatform. EA certainly isn't known for making many console exclusive releases when they can help it, and any future titles by BioWare are likely to appear on PS3 and Xbox 360. Regardless of whether the series will continue to be exclusive to the 360 or not, it has been confirmed that it will continue, and that's a fact that all RPG fans can certainly celebrate.

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mighty_douche4666d ago

If the PS3 ever got Mass Effect 2 it would be nice if they put the first one on the disc to, plenty of room on the Blu-ray.

Never gonna happen though. I think we'd see it on PC if anywhere.

xbox Forever4666d ago

You want to make money, make your game 360 exclusive.

nanometric4666d ago

If you really want to make money, you make your game multiplatform and release it even on mobile phones!

mighty_douche4666d ago

if money is the name of the game then its obviously multiplatform.

paul_war4666d ago

Good game, got mine last Sunday, spent 12 hours on it so far & only done one main quest mission ... much to do

Leathersoup4666d ago

No mention of porn? This obviously can't be a respectable source. ;)

Strife Lives4666d ago

Drop even 70 million or more to keep it exclusive. Thats a guarentee.08 is a crucial year for ms. They wnt let it slip. Bt, MS, lose 100 mil ,make 100 mil. I want ths to stay exclusive tho.

Cyrus3654666d ago

That's a possibility, that Msoft pays a nice amount to EA to keep things exclusive.