PS2 Still Sales King Of Australia

- The seven-year-old PlayStation 2 was the highest selling home console in Australia in 2007, edging out Nintendo's hugely popular Wii and eclipsing its successor the PS3 and rival Xbox 360.

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Iceman100x4664d ago

Are they excited that they have to rely on a 7 year outdated system to say good things about? Edging out a system that came out a year ago shouldn't be news since it's nowhere near that many years old yet, and i know one thing it ain't like that around the rest of the world lol sony.

P.S last place is a bit** isn't it

BobDog4664d ago

they are not relying on the ps2, they are cutting production in a few years, and world wide the ps3 outsells the ps2, but your right they are relying on it /sarcasm

but sony have always said they will not force people to buy their new console straight away, they will continue to support the console before it for a few years,
i dont meen to sound like a fanboy at all, read my comment history :)

wiizy4664d ago

oh please since ps3 is in last place there. yeah keep bringing up the ps2 thats been out for 10 years now. of course it would be on top

BobDog4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

ps3 in last place were? in my country its 2nd to wii, and worldwide its second to wii?

and ps2 is not on top of many sales anywere, excluding some european countries and newzealand